All About Mod APK – Best Modded APK Sites

In a simple word, A MOD APK is a modified version of an original APK (Android Package) – as we know all android applications available in .APK file format. ‘MOD’ means ‘Modified’.

A Modified APK has not original signed by the developers of the applications. So, no support from the developer.

Mod APK’s may have some extra features from the original app version. It may be some unlock features, unlimited in App/ Game currency (for Game), sometime extra support, change colors or skin the app, even to add more useful feature OR fix typos.

Those doing it to steal (To avoid paying OR remove ads. Those doing it to ass malware to an APK to steal users private data, passwords, money or run there battery down trying to mine bitcoin.

As we know android apps are available on Google Play store for free OR for a small amount of payment. Android app developer to get something back for there hard work. After all, so it is either you have to pay for the apps upfront OR use them ad-supported. To  the open native of also android third party application marketplace available.

Some are there to provide a suitable for the device not allowed to ship with the Google play store. Others take advantage of this unobstructed access to applications to be able to make some modification to theme. This can be to unlock the full features or a partly features and free trial app. this entails a certain level of risk but it would be ok to check out just to see what it’s about.

That’s why here we are listing some of the best modded apk sites where you can get these modded apps for free. Check them below…

This is one of the best site where you can download modded apk for android applications and games. Here you have a full details of listed modded apk files, there features and there benefits to use modded apk games and apps. So check out this site to find your favorite android applications and games.


Acmarket is one of the most popular place where you can get almost all modded APK files. Here you can get all popular modified / tweaked / hacked / cracked apps and games. This is basically a android application where you can get a bunch of moded apps for android.


Another popular modded apk sites to download modded APK apps and games. Here very easy to search and download millions of original and premium modded APK apps and Games for android smartphone. The website claims, this is safest sites to download modded APK files.


Another site where you are looking for game geners like action, arcade, RPG’s (Role playing games) OR any other genre. ApkDIMod has a collection of modded APKs that android users can choose from.


APKPure is one of the best alternatives of Google Play Store. Here you can download and install applications without any worry about virus threats. You can download here moded applications and also previous version of app in the mirror website.

Note :- please be careful while downloading the APK files from any modded Apk Sites. Android APK files are not of official websites, so it may contain malware OR virus.