Arizona Legislators Say Barack Obama Must Prove His Citizenship

Arizona Legislators Say Barack Obama Must Prove His Citizenship


By Boyce Watkins, PhD

The Arizona House of Representatives recently approved a provision requiring that President Barack Obama prove that he is a natural-born citizen before being placed on the ballot to run for President of the United States in 2012. He must have his birth certificate approved by the state’s attorney general in order to run.

Rep. Sinema issued this statement:

“Republicans continue to take Arizona down the wrong track by wasting taxpayers time on frivolous legislation instead of working on important issues like health care for kids and seniors and education.”

“Republican Rep. Judy Burges amendment to Senate Bill 1024 today would require the Arizona secretary of state to verify a presidential candidate’s birth certificate before the candidate’s name is allowed on a ballot in Arizona. A presidential candidate already is required to prove that he or she is a naturally born citizen before they can run for that office.”

“This bill is nothing more than a waste of taxpayers time when the legislature should be working to fix more important issues like the fact that it eliminated KidsCare, which forfeits all federal health care dollars for kids and seniors in Arizona.”

At the National Leadership Forum hosted this past week by Rev. Al Sharpton, I had the chance to speak extensively with the rapper Chuck D from Public Enemy. In the early 1990s, Chuck wrote a controversial song called “Can’t Wait Till I get to Arizona.” In the song, Chuck expounds on the racism of this state, mostly in reaction to the fact that the voters were unwilling to acknowledge the Martin Luther King Holiday.

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  1. No one seems willing to answer the qustion…..why is he spending so much money, some of it taxpayer money, to keep all of his grades, thesis, birth certificate (long form), etc. sealed? People that don’t have anything to hide don’t spend a million dollars to hide things. We may have made fun of George Bush’s grades but at least we knew what they were. I guess it’s easy to just use the race card. But that’s a shame because it trivializes when someone is really discriminated against based on race which is always wrong. Obama is also 1/2 white which we all tend to forget when trying to cover the fact he is hiding something. Yes, he’s black, get over it, produce your records and stop using our money to pay your lawyers!

    • Wow. If he was born here whats the big issue just show your birth cert and move on… And seriously George Bush not born here..Umm okay, what are you like retarded or something! Seriously though trust me if he wasnt born here the Demos would be doing the same thing Repubs are doing to Barack Hussein Obama II now. Also if George Bush was a Manicheanism folower who freakn cares Barack Hussein Obama II is a muslim for crying out loud.

  2. @Laura: I have yet to see George Bush's birth certificate. I don't believe he was born in the United States and I have a sneaky suspicion that he is a follower of Manicheanism and NOT a Christian. Do you have proof otherwise? Or are you going to live your life regurgitating lies about the current president because you voted for the losing party?

    Stop listening to Glenn Beck and bring something new to the table, please.

  3. These are the straw man arguments of idiots! Are you not even a little bit embarrassed by your stupidity – prove your birth? I think you mean "Hey we don't want no black president man…duh."

    At Harvard Law School, Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude, which, according to the Harvard Law School website, is awarded to the top 10% of Harvard Law School students.