Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review

Recovering lost data becomes cumbersome if you don’t have a supportive application to back up your device or memory card. And when accidental situation arises, there is nothing more you can do about it except to look for recovery software. As a concerned user, I have been doing the same in the past. Better late than sorry, here is a recovery tool that I kept reading about in recent times.

Why Stellar Photo Recovery Software?

Well, many of you might have probably heard about it, especially if you are a photographer then you sure might have used this particular photo recovery software for sure. However, you need to know that stellar photo recovery software is the best tool for recovery that you can simply buy for sure. For those who have not used it, it is pretty easy to use, as the interface is quite great and yes, of course, anyone can use it. You don’t need any professional knowledge to use particular software.

However, if you don’t know about these types of recovery software or if you have probably not used it, then you can look for the software review below and also know more some best details about the tool and get to know how well can you use it to recover all your photos and images.

Software Ratings said of its efficiency and helpfulness, here I used a method to recover my media files (Pictures/Audios/Videos) from a 1.2-TB External HardDrive. Results were to my satisfaction, therefore, without a second thought, I thought to deliver remarks on it.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software: Features and Interface

User Interface is user-friendly and is adaptive to even first time users. There should be no trouble or hassles while one employs stellar photo recovery software. Here is non- accidental occurring as the test is done purposefully on a data drive. To make it quite typical, the data I stored was of different types (Large Size, different media, Audio files, Movies, Videos, and collection of photos).

All images/pictures were wiped on Seagate hard drive. Stellar photo recovery software was used to recover the wiped images

The results as clear as they could ever be was par satisfactory. The quick scan took just above five minutes to search the deleted files and directories.

Moreover, Stellar Photo Recovery Standard finds it easiest to recover software,.exe files, and installer packages (Including heavy files and framework files).

Unlike common Photo recovery software, Stellar Photo Recovery Software the recovered files are not clustered randomly. That adds another plus point to it apart from easy data handling and systematic recovery process.

Tip: The scanning process involves two methods, the basic one and a Deep Scan (Having Multiple Phases). Deep San is recommended in case you have formatted your drive. Deep Scan will take definitive time to extract and load preview for all the lost data.

Types of files recoverable through Stellar Photo Recovery Professional Software include both RAW and Vector formats.

  • File System Supported are: FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 (used here was FAT 32)
  • OS Supported are: Windows Vista, 2000, XP, 2003 (Used here is Windows 10)
  • File Types: More than 300 types are recognized along with the option to add new Ones
  • File Filter: Can easily recover data from specific file type (You can opt for any file in the left-hand side preview panel).
  • File Preview Supported: Whether or not to extract, you can make a selection here.
  • No Redundancy: Files are easy to organise after the recovery process gets done. Once you have accomplished the task of extracting Stellar Recovery Professional retains the lost files with the same names.

Other Upsides of Stellar Photo Recovery Professional Software

Friendly UI: Comprehensive and simple interface enables users to extract their data in quickest of time.

Save Scan: To save your current scan information, Save Scan feature is also available which will be used for later references.

Minimum System Requirements: 128 MB RAM, 35 MB of Free Space on the Hard Disk is required to run this application.

Multilingual Support: Available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian

Technical Support: 24X7 Technical Assistance is available at Toll-Free Number:1800-102-32-32 or contact the support team through Whatsapp: 9582563636

Handy Note: Recovery time is directly proportional to size of the data. One can’t expect to get lightning fast results if data is in bulk. Given, the file type to be recovered (Images) are identical, extraction is eventually fast. Time elapsed will be notable here.

Numerous recovery tools we come across that claim to recover your lost data and come of them fail to overcome the shortcomings when it comes to recovering different file types or from storages that are hard to map (depending on their size). The need of the hour is somewhat demanding and so should be the Photo Recovery software you need to employ.

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Pricing of this application is adjusted according to the user requirements and is I suppose should be much to affect users, who are concerned more with their need (Standard/Professional/Premium).All in all, software worth spending your time and money. Here are some features listed above you’d like to head to dependent on versions.