SQL Server Database Recovery Tool: Repair Corrupt Database

A large number of organizations use SQL Server as the relational database to store their day to day data. Each SQL database is associated with two types of data files, which manage the overall database objects and their associated data. The data files supported by SQL Server are:

  • MDF Files: These are the primary files, which stores data of various database
  • NDF Files: These are the secondary files, which can be used in addition to MDF to store large data.

These files play much important role in database maintenance as they carry the sole responsibility of handling database objects. However, due to certain issues like database corruption or accident deletion of the files, it becomes almost impossible for users to access the database records.

A third party tool, SQL Server Database Recovery Tool makes it convenient for users to repair and recover the corrupted or deleted files from the database.

The SQL experts have tested the licensed versions of software in following environment:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate(32 bits)
  • Installed RAM: 2 GB
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz

The following section aims to provide a valuable review to users, so that they can easily determine its different parameters.

Remarkable Features of SQL Server Database Recovery Tool

On careful examination of the software, the experts have drawn out following features, which tend to distinguish the software from other SQL Recovery tools available in the market. Some of the key features of the software are mentioned below:

MDF & NDF Recovery

The software allows user to recover the corrupted MDF or NDF files easily. It recover complete file contents including tables, views, stored procedures, keys, functions, uniques keys and all other SQL components.

Dual Scan Mode

SQL Server Database Recovery tool offers user to choose any of the required scan modes:

  • Quick Scan: This mode recovers lightly corrupted database files
  • Advance Scan: This mode provides recovery of highly corrupted database files

Deleted Data Recovery

A complete recovery solution is provided by the software to recover the data that has been deleted accidentally by the user. It scans the entire database and recovers most of the deleted data from the database.

Auto Detect SQL Version

The type of SQL version to which MDF or NDF file belongs plays an important role in recovering the data. So, the software is equipped with a feature to automatically detect the version of SQL Server to which the file belongs.

Preview Scanned status

On the complete scanning of MDF, a preview report is generated by the SQL Server Database Recovery Tool to provide the scan status of MDF/NDF file. This report includes information such as Database name, version, number of scanned components.

Preview & Save Scanned Data

Once the corrupted or deleted data has been recovered, user can view the recovered data as columns, keys, index of the database file. The scanned file can also be saved at local location for future reference.

Multiple Export Options

The entire recovered file or selected file items can be exported in any of the following ways:

  • SQL Server Database: It will export recovered data directly into SQL Server in MDF format
  • Compatible SQL Script: It will allow to save the recovered data as .sql format, which can be opened with any SQL Server.

Advance Data Type

In addition to recover ASCII and UNICODE XML format, SQL Server Database Recovery tool provides data recovery of various advance data types such as Datetime2, Datetimeoffset, sql_variant, geometry and geographic data types.

Additional Features: Software also offers other interesting features such as no file size limitation, corrupted file recovery, no data loss during file recovery, choosing the destination folder etc.

Versions of SQL Server Database Recovery Tool

The software is available in the following versions:

  1. Demo Version

Users can easily download the free demo version of the software from company’s official website. It permits recovery and preview of the MDF or NDF files.

  1. Licensed Version

The licensed version can be purchased from company’s official website at a reasonable cost. It allows to scan, preview and export the recovered data files.

Specifications of Tool

SQL Server Database Recovery tool has been designed to work efficiently under the following specifications:

  • Operating System: It supports Windows 10 & all the below versions.
  • RAM Requirement: Minimum 512 MB RAM is required. However, 1 GB RAM is recommended for large storage.
  • Processor Requirement: 1 GHz processor is must for software installation. However, 2.4 GHz processor is recommended for fast performance.
  • SQL Server: The tool supports SQL Server 2014 & all below versions.


  1. Generates version independent SQL Script
  2. SQL Server installation is not mandatory


Software does not allow bulk recovery of MDF files.

In Conclusion

On testing the SQL Server Database Recovery Tool under different hardware and software specifications, it can be concluded that the tool provides complete solution to recover corrupt SQL database. It can be rated as 9.6/10 as it does not allow user to recover multiple MDF files at a time.