Soda PDF – The best Existing PDF Software

Soda PDF, just like any other PDF software is made to facilitate people in their daily work. It has all the features of opening a document, create a new one, edit an existing one, sign PDF and most importantly keep them all secure and safe.

Origin of Soda PDF

Soda PDF is made by LULU Software Company which is based in Canada. Soon after Soda PDF development, the company started to work on making improvements in it. Every year they offer a new and transformed version of Soda PDF that carries innovative features.

soda pdf

  1. Add and Modify Documents

Using Soda PDF, you can easily add text to your existing PDF file. This feature is exclusively offered by Soda PDF for the very first time in the year 2011. Since then users are able to add and remove text, diagrams, and images from their documents.

Moreover, it also offers the option of modification of the already existing material inside the PDF document. For instance, there is an image in your PDF file that you want to change according to your requirement or maybea likeness. Soda PDF will allow you to do that very easily with simple toolbar options.

  1. Convert Documents

Using Soda PDF, you can convert your documents into another type of document in a matter of just a few seconds. There is only one click of a button,and you get the version of your PDF in the form you like. This type of conversion as not possible in the past, until Soda PDF introduced it.

For instance, you have a document that you are using in PDF format,and suddenly you want to convert it in to word or excel form, you can click on the conversion options in the toolbar and do it right away. Also, if your document is in word or excel form, you can convert them into PDF form very easily.

  1. Review Documents

Documents are also very feasible to review your PDF documents. In the past, it was possible only in the word documents. If you ever wanted to review a file for incorporation of changes, then word document was the only source that allowed you to do this.

After the entry of Soda PDF, it has become easy to review the documents even if they are in PDF form for which even it was difficult to copy or paste something. It has made things very easy and simple for people. Now they do not need to convert their documents into word form to review them; rather they do it just by using the review option of the tool bar.

Soda PDF is considered as a revolutionary PDF software that offers every feature that facilitates you while working. No matter where you are, at work or maybe on a trip, Soda PDF will always follow you. It saves your time and amount of effort, especially when you want to get things done quickly. So, go and get one for yourself and make your life seamless.