How to Use Windows PE via AOMEI PE Builder?

Why Need third-party Software to Create Bootable Environment Based on WinPE?

The security of computer is very important, even a newbie knows backup is necessary. However, only backup is not enough. If you use Windows built-in Backup and Restore program to create a system, you have to enter Windows to do restore task. If you can’t enter the system, you can’t access to restore. To remedy that, many users choose to Create a system repair disc as well. Unluckily, many users encounter the following error message because nowadays most DIY computers has no CD Rom. On the contrary, some third-parry similar software support USB and other devices.

In turn, when your system can’t boot normally, or say, can’t boot into system, the system repair disc will help you – enter the bootable environment to fix error. The bootable environment often called Windows Pre-installation Environment. This special environment has a variety of uses. Forget on thing, third-party backup software support restoring without entering the Windows system also because they build bootable environment inside the image file. In this article, we focus on how to create bootable environment based on WinPE with the recommended tool – AOMEI PE Builder.

Overview of AOMEI PE Builder

AOMEI PE Builder is a freeware developed by AOMEI Technology. When talking about AOMEI, people will think of AOMEI Partition Assistant and AOMEI Backupper. We have reviewed these two products before. Both AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant have utilities for creating bootable media, AOMEI PE Builder is a single tool to create bootable media, but it has own highlight – customize the bootable environment. It allows you to choose default utilities in AOMEI PE Builder and add more tools and drivers into the environment.

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AOMEI PE Builder has other advantages. It has a visual window, user-friendly GUI. The environment created by AOMEI PE Builder is similar to Windows 7 desktop, including start menu, taskbar, Windows explorer and so on. To use AOMEI PE Builder, you don’t need to install AIK/WAIK. Besides CD/DVD disc, AOMEI PE Builder also supports USB flash drive and ISO image file. Well, doing is better than saying, next, I will show you how AOMEI PE Builder works.

How to use AOMEI PE Builder?

Download from AOMEI official website or famous big software website, don’t believe any torrent. Install and run AOMEI PE Builder. The main interface as following screenshot shows. It is a brief of AOMEI PE Builder. And has some links to AOMEI PE Builder’s tutorials. You just need to click Next to go.

Usually, the second step is no matter, it says your system supports creating the bootable media, click Next again.

Now comes to the third step, which is a key step. Add AOMEI PE Builder’s inbuilt utilities according to you needs. If you want to add more portable applications and drivers, please click Add Files or Add Drivers separately at the bottom of this interface. When it is OK, click Next to continue.

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AOMEI PE Builder integrates a lot of practical utilities as follows:

File tools:

7-Zip: a file archiver with a high compression ratio.
Everything: is search engine that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows.
IrfanView: It is a very fast, compact and innovative FREEWARE image viewer/converter.

Notepad++: It’s an editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.
SumatraPDF: It is a free PDF, eBook, XPS, DjVu, CHM reader for Windows.
Q-Dir: Quad Explorer, makes your files and folder easy to manage.
Recuva: a supremely user-friendly file recovery tool.

System tools:
OSFMount: allows the analysis of disk images and mount image as a virtual drive.
BOOTICE: allows you to modify, backup and restore the MBR and the Partition Boot Record.
NTPWEdit: A password editor, it can change or remove passwords for local system accounts.

Network tools:
PENetwork: a small utility to install and manage different network settings in a Windows PE.
Filezilla: a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features.
QTWeb: lightweight, secure and portable browser having unique user interface.

What’s more, Windows system recovery & repair, Windows Disk Management, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition and free backup software – AOMEI Backupper Standard Edition have been integrated to the Windows PE created by AOMEI PE Builder. You can see the screenshot later in this article.

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In forth step, it’s time to select a media. Burn to CD or DVD, or choose USB device, or export an ISO file. Then click Next will commit the creating task, wait minutes please.

How to enter the bootable environment created by AOMEI PE Builder? Restart your system and adjust boot order to the media you choose before. Generally, you can enter BOIS system to adjust boot order. Following is a screenshot after entering the PE system successfully.

In Conclusion

After comparing similar WinPE creator tools, we decide AOMEI PE Builder because it is a free software supports both Windows PC and Windows Server. The Windows PE created by AOMEI PE Builder can beconnected to network.Thus, you can download directly the off-line version of anti-virus software to remove viruses/Trojans when viruses attacking. AOMEI PE Builder is easy to maintain system. When you computer does not start up normally, you can boot into the environment to fix errors. When you forget login password, you can enter the Windows PE system to reset the password. When you want to reintall operating system or install multiple operating system, the environment created by AOMEI PE Builder will help you a lot, AOMEI Partition Assistant is in it t help you resize partition. AOMEI PE Builder has already gotten good evaluation in software market. You can learn article reviews and video reviews from Internet. In a word, AOMEI PE Builder is a great tool to optimize you system and your life!

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