How to use NFC safely

By purchasing a new mobile phone or another gadget, the consumer usually gets to use a device that supports NFC technology, but he does not even guess what advantages it creates. We suggest you learn how to use a useful option and how NFC security is ensured during operation.

A few words about the payment app development.

NFC is a wireless communication technology represented in a mobile phone by a special microchip. It resembles Bluetooth and is designed to exchange information between devices at a limited distance not exceeding ten centimeters.

To find out if NFC is safe in the phone, we suggest analyzing various facts regarding the security of innovative technology.

A card that supports contactless technology uses the RFID subcategory to transmit information.

The credit card is equipped with a processor and an antenna that interact with the terminal at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Different payment systems use their own standards based on a similar principle.

The range at which the wireless connection is configured is several centimeters. Hence the conclusion that the first stage of security is physical. The reader actually has to come into close contact with the credit card, which is quite difficult to do covertly. But the issue is solved with the use of a special reader that operates over long distances. Such a gadget actually secretly “polls” contactless cards in crowded places.

To ensure that you, your device, and your funds are totally secure, follow these simple steps.

Check the security of installed applications

Are you installing new apps? Always check them for possible malware infection. It is extremely important not to install applications of unknown origin, for example, from outside the App Store or Google Play. Even the best banking app will be at risk if your smartphone is infected!

Amount limit

Do you think that setting daily limits on transactions is only half the measure? Maybe, but in case someone accidentally steals your login details, this will not allow the thief to withdraw all the funds accumulated in your account.

Try to set limits that will not be burdensome for you in everyday life, but do not exceed your daily expenses by much. Don’t neglect it!

Use biometric protection in your phone

The development of new technologies has led to the spread of a new type of security – biometric security. Banking applications successfully use the functions of fingerprint login and face identification, which prevent attackers from obtaining a password or PIN code for an account and speed up the login process.

We can recommend another method. Carry several contactless cards together – in one wallet compartment. It is better if it will be credit cards of different banks and types operating on different frequencies or non-payment cards, for example, transport. When trying to read information with a scanner, the device will receive a response from different chips, which significantly complicates the receipt and decryption of information.

Nevertheless, NFC technology is considered one of the most secure ways to transfer data. This also applies to the contactless payment function. So far, there have been no cases where hackers have managed to crack the EMV protection standard. The only weak point in the system is the possibility of catching the virus. To avoid being among the “lucky ones” who caught a Trojan, it is enough to check the device for viruses and not download files from unknown senders.