How To Claim car insurance in India After an Accident

How to claim car insurance

Every car owner must get the best car insurance also called motor insurance, Auto insurance, or vehicle insurance. Because Your car or any vehicle could meet with an accident at any time. To cover your car or vehicle risk, you need to ensure you have taken the best car insurance in India & also driving a car or vehicle without car insurance is a punishable offense under the motor vehicles act, 1988.

Every car insurance claim process starts with a car accident. Here we are giving a basic car insurance claim process which will help to understand how to claim car insurance in India after the accident.

How To Claim car insurance in India After an Accident

Inform to insurance Agent or the insurance company – First, you should inform your car insurance agent or the insurance company within 24 hours of the incident. It does not matter whether you are away from home or some other party has caused the accident. You will be asked for your car insurance policy details, model of your car, vehicle number, the extent of loss, and the garage you plan on visiting.

Take Guidance – Ask for a car insurance claim process from your car insurance agent or insurance company.

Lodge an FIR – after the accident lodge an FIR at the nearest police station which should list out third-party property damage and injury. It also serves to verify whether you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

Submits Repair Statement – you may need to submit an estimate of the damage before you go in for repairs and after repairs, you should submit all your bills to the insurance company for a car insurance claim.

What not to do

  • Don’t leave the car or vehicle unattended says Kevin Crockett, a car accident attorney in Palm Springs, CA. Any theft that occurs, as a result, will not be covered by an insurance company.
  • Don’t drive the car or vehicle after an accident, if driving it will cause further damage. This will also not be covered by an insurance company.
  • Don’t go for any repairs conducted until you are received a confirmation from your insurance company to go for repair.

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