Best Facebook Tricks and Tips You Must Know In 2015

Facebook Tricks and Tips: – Facebook is a most popular social networking websites, almost every people who use internet also use facebook. It allows you to connect with any facebook users around the world, share your thought, share pictures, video and also chat with them. I think everyone know how to basic use of facebook. Here we are discussing about some latest and interesting Facebook Tricks and Tips which make you facebook experience more interesting.

So, let’s start these topics best Facebook Tricks and Tips and use it in your facebook account.

Best Facebook Tricks and Tips

How to update blank status in facebook

Facebook Tricks and Tips

To update blank status in facebook login to facebook account. In facebook status update box type @[0:0: ] and then click on post.

How to invite all friends to like facebook page with a single click

Facebook Tricks and Tips

When you create any facebook fan page you don’t have any fanes like and you need to invite friends to like your page manually, but its take lot of time.  you may use given facebook tips to invite all friends to like facebook page with a single click.

First login you facebook account, then open your facebook page which you want to send invitation to your friends at once.

Click on invite friend’s option, after clicking popup window will appear. After that simply press F12 from your computer keyboard- Google chrome console window will open

Simply copy the given code and pest it in the console window that’s it. (Code’s given below)

Var inputs = document.getElementsByclassName(‘uiButton  _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.lenght;i++) {inputs[i].click();}

How to post your status in all facebook groups at once?

Facebook Tricks and Tips

When you have to post status in different groups it takes much time and even it’s a hard task to post status one by one in all groups. By using simple application it is easy to post status in all groups.

Go to multi post application – Login with facebook

Remember – only post to less than 6 groups at one time, a few time a day otherwise your facebook account shout down.

How to post Animated (.gif) image on facebook?

Facebook Tricks and Tips

Animated image (.gif image) looks really cool and many other social networking sites like Google+ allow sharing animated gif’s image, but facebook not allow share animated gif’s images. Don’t worry here we are sharing facebook tips on how to How to post Animated (.gif) image on facebook

Visit giphy website and select any animated gif image with you want to post on your facebook status. Pest the image link on facebook status, that’s it.

How to download facebook video?

Facebook Tricks and Tips

This is another best facebook tips, install any facebook video just by single click. Use FVD downloader extension to your Google chrome browser to download video from facebook.

View larger Pictures on Facebook Without Even opening Them

most of facebok users love to see pictures on facebook of his friends or facebook friends. but if you want to see picture, you need to click on this picture to watch larger pic. now you can view picture in larger size without clicking on them. photo zoom for facebook is a browser extention which lets you view larger picture on facebok withut even clicking.

photo zoom for facebook extension is avaiabe for Goge chrome, Safari and firefox.

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Convert your facebook account to facebook fan page

Facebook Tricks and Tips

Many facebook uses not know that facebook allows you to convert facebook account to facebook fan page. Yes you can convert facebook account to facebook fan page and all your friends and followers will be converted into your fan page likes.

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