ACE Money Transfer’s Salam Bangladesh Brings You a Golden Opportunity to Win One of 2 Honda X Blade Bikes and 8 iPhone 14 Plus – Learn How

As a Bangladeshi migrant, you must regularly send money to Bangladesh from abroad to support your family and those financially dependent on you back home. Right?

You must be doing it from the countries where you work, earn a living, and then transfer funds back home.

It appears to be dull and bland practice because there is no excitement in it.

You earn money, find a remittance service provider, or you may have chosen one already, initiate and transaction, send funds, and await confirmation coupled with thanks and prayers. That’s it!

But this practice will no longer be the same for all the Bangladeshi migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. If you live in these countries and choose ACE Money Transfer to send money back home from there, you have a high chance of winning some exciting prizes.


You read it right!

Salam Bangladesh is back again to facilitate the Bangladeshi migrants and to let them win some of the extremely amazing prizes added to the current variant of the campaign.

Albeit, the campaign Salam Bangladesh – one of the well-established, famous, and widely renowned campaigns of ACE Money Transfer – remains the same. Still, the prizes are different this time, in form only and not utility and fascination.

Continue reading to know the exciting details.

The Exciting Campaign – An Insight

Starting from the 1st of March till the 30th of April, this latest campaign by the same title, ‘Salam Bangladesh,’ is meant for the migrants of Bangladesh who are residing in the listed countries above.

If these migrants send money to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer, they will become eligible to participate in this current campaign and stand a chance to win one of the many exciting prizes in the lucky draws that are scheduled both during the campaign duration and soon after it closes.

There is nothing that the migrants are required to do to take part in this campaign. Participation in it is as simple as it seems.

Only two conditions are to be met, which are already explained.

Knowing The Prizes And Quantity

As mentioned earlier, the campaign remains the same, with its focus on the migrants of Bangladesh along with the same title. Still, the prizes are different in this one and include what was not integrated into the previous such campaigns.


It does not mean that the previous campaigns did not have prizes.

Those did, indeed.

But, different ones.

Catch a glimpse of this HERE.

This time the campaign offers 2 brand-new Honda X Blade 160CC Motorcycles and 8 iPhone 14 Plus 128GB.

Two of the lucky winners meeting the stipulated conditions will get the bikes, whereas 8 of the lucky winners will have a chance to win one of 8 iPhone 14 Plus 128GB each.

But to win these prizes, the participants will have to meet the conditions separately.

The Impetus Behind Adding These Prizes

It is essential to understand the idea behind adding these prizes in this current campaign to understand their logic and utility.

The Communication Logic

Getting a new iPhone 14 Plus 128GB can, at best, be described as a dream for families whose members travel to other countries to earn a living so that their families meet the basic needs of life.

Never does a migrant work abroad to get access to luxuries. The plain reason is to lead a normal life which is a challenge due to poverty, unemployment, and other financial challenges in countries like Bangladesh.

But on the other hand, a smartphone has become an essential life commodity, without which one finds connecting and communicating with others difficult.

Taking stock of it, therefore, the company has added these phones as prizes to facilitate communication with others.

The Commuting Logic

For most households of migrants, commuting is a challenge as affording a vehicle is difficult, at least in the beginning after migrants start sending financial support from abroad.

That later their financial status changes for the better, in most cases, goes without saying.

But there is no harm in being able to get hold of a vehicle free of cost if there is a chance! Right?

This is precisely what the company aims to do – to provide Bangladeshi migrants with a chance to win a vehicle freely to facilitate their commuting.

The Financial Logic

Bangladesh is a weak economy, due to which the financial issues of its people are many. Many life essentials are beyond the affordability of a majority.

Take a look at the following few statistics to understand better.

Bangladeshi Economy

  • The World Bank said in a report that the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bangladesh in 2021 was $416.26.
  • In another report, the World Bank stated that the GDP per capita income in Bangladesh in 2021 was $2,457.9.

These issues prompted the company to add the said prizes to the current campaign.

ACE Money Transfer – A Service Offering Dual Advantages

Nudge your transfers to Bangladesh in ACE Money Transfer’s way, and spread those across the campaign duration to increase your chances of winning exciting prizes in addition to getting live exchange rates, speed, safety, and much more in exchange for a low fee. So, act now!

  • GDP of Bangladesh

(GDP (current US$) – Bangladesh | Data (

  • GDP per capita of Bangladesh

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