What is eSIM? How is it different from a SIM Card (all about eSIM)

To those who are new to the term eSIM, I have come here again to say some detailed insights on What is eSIM?,the difference between eSIM and the counter parts and, when you can have one on your iPhone. Before, leaping into the stuff, here is what you might have missed. Those of you in love with updating iPhones should get one this time. iOS 12 is about to surprise you with eSIM or as well-known previously, embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC).

With a motive to size up the world of tech into your pocket and delivering the SIM slots in even in a compact size, Apple has proved it another once, why they are unique why iPhone Stands out the competition. Making sure about knowing the absolute stuff before buying iPhone XS or XS Max is what I would have done.So, let us drop our focus on What is eSIM and the probable Pros and Cons of eSIM.

What is eSIM Exactly?

What is eSIM :- Non-technically, it is just an embedded or electronic chip that is more reliable, feasible, and better way to authenticate your identity to the carrier. Provided, you do not have a Physical SIM in order to be doing that. These can be network/carrier neutral. So, instead of inserting and ejecting a physical SIM card, this is for sure, eSIM is not going to put you to fussy handy work.

What is eSIM :- In Technical terms, embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) it is s step taken forth by engineers by building a chip into iPhone XR, XS/XS Max handling the same network services as an NFC chip besides a physical SIM Slot. Making connectivity sharper and robust, and adaptable across cross network regions. Meaning, while travelling, users can switch to another carrier through eSIM with security and authenticity.

Size of eSIM

It is going to be more compact for sure, 6 mm by 5 mm pre-built onto the motherboard of upcoming devices. Remote Provisioning system introduced through eSIM is expected to bring improved is customer experience where you can easily configure or choose your network operator based on their liking and network tariffs.

eSIM Working

A user can entertain the network services by activating their accounts by Universal Activation Code that is more of suitable and comfortable option while travelling. Once your device detects you have changed a region or country (while Roaming), it will offer you a list of available operators and theirplans. And if you have both Physical and eSIM in operation carrying two separate networks, your device will display both networks on the screen simultaneously.

Where you will see eSIM?

Apple iPad Pro, Watch Series 3 and 4, iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max are going to start on with launch of iOS 12.1orlater as expected.

Pros or Benefits of eSIM

  • Unarguably many but here are some vital ones.
  • Users don’t have to swap SIM while roaming as eSIM also vanishes the possibility that too in no time.
  • Voice and data plans can be chosen at users’ will and can be managed separately for Business and Personal use.
  • Presence of a Physical SIM slot assures to you to choose an eSIM compatible network for it.
  • A Good go option for users travelling most of their time.
  • With no added cost for manufacturers and no stress to purchase at traditional SIM card, this technology seems sound and cost-effective in the days to come.
  • As for network providers, they will probably have less load of manufacturing physical SIM cards seemingly.

Cons or Disadvantages of eSIM

A few but, yet worth mentioning:

  • Many carrier companies still haven’t accepted to let go of their traditional service.
  • Users can have multiple eSIM but still will be able to use one at a time.
  • While roaming, switching is easier but comes at little cost, users can’t be able to access their main number while theire SIM fetches a carrier.
  • And most of all, eSIM is not yet accepted globally, so residents of the US, UK, Australia can have the access. (Some Indian companies are also launching the e-SIM)
  • eSIM can’t seem to work without a specialized dedicated App or Quick Response Code to scan.

Scope of eSIM: A long journey ahead

eSIM is expected to bring more in future for Laptop, tablet users offering on to go connectivity and security. While your secondary Traditional SIM still offers you the same service and connectivity, it’s a win-win with more secure and better connectivity.It is rather unquestionable to see eSIM concept for Dual SIM booming in the future. There is a long way to cover, nothing can be said so swiftly and ardently. Whether it is just an experiment or an on set of the new era. Much will be revealed once users and carrier companies find eSIM technology feasible and friendly.