Top 6 Best Free Firewall for Windows 7, 8, 10

In this article, we are going to talk about Top 6 Best Free Firewall for Windows. This is quite a confusing one to decide when you install a fresh Windows OS in your system. Which security application to use to protect your computer? Don’t be confused because in this segment we are going to talk about some useful and extremely important firewall tools for windows.

Let us catch up with the firewall thing first. What is it exactly? What it does and How it secures your computer from potential threats?

What is Firewall ?

Firewall is a system security measure to keep your OS away from any possible threat or attack whenever you go online or connect to a network. This is the thing that manages your computer’s safety and monitors the activities of any unwanted application.

You can take consider a firewall as a level-wise protective wall around your computer system (in terms of Software). Here is the best and real time example to understand the concept of a firewall. Imagine yourself pulling a fence of barbed wire around your building to avoid others’ intrusion. You would not want to get disturbed by any unwanted intruder, would you? This exactly is what a firewall does to your Operating System. best-windows-firewall

Top 6 Best Free Firewall for Windows 7, 8, 10

So here we are with some useful tools that are going to build a fence around your system’s privacy. There are two sorts of firewalls The Software based and the Hardware based. The software based firewalls are installed in your system and keep an eye on all the running processes in the background. It doesn’t matter whether you are connected to the internet or not. The hardware firewall comes into the act when you install a router while using an internet connection. You can combine both the software and hardware based firewalls to tighten the security a bit further. It is really too good to take extra protective measures.

Windows Firewall

Let us talk about windows built-in firewalls system. This is most commonly used among all of us. The first thing you get to notice after you install a Windows OS is to see the firewall notification. Since it comes built-in, it doesn’t do any disturbing pop-ups or constant notifications. Windows firewall is just like a silent peacekeeper to your system. The built-in ones have a great and a long run till now. All the new and older versions of Windows have come along with the built-in feature of firewalls.

The best part is, it gets better and better every time you get a system update or upgrade your OS. This is the thing that will never have you use any third-party application to protect your computer. If you somehow feel that you should opt for a better and a high-level third-party app, then keep reading. Below are some well-known and widely appreciated tools for your support.

AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall gets your optimum computer protection against malware and online hacking attempts. This firewall software for Windows is specifically designed to prevent malware, filter applications, and unauthorized access. The AVS Firewall keeps your system registry away from any tampering by blocking every attempt of a break-in and turning on the anti-banner option staves off unwanted flash ads, banners, and popup ads.

You can add your favourite sites to the whitelist to ensure online protection, and you can change the firewall rules anytime. AVS Firewall is equipped with features like live traffic monitor. You can control the traffic volume and even receive notifications whenever an application tried to connect to your network in the background.

TinyWall Firewall

Starting with this first application from our list, here is TinyWall which is as superb as its name. It takes up a small space on your computer and associatively works with your built-in firewalls. How good would it be to have a small sized tool to manage your system security without any irritating popups and make a smooth and silent work in the background?

Well, this is what TinyWall does. Do not get surprised by its name and size because this small package is full of big surprises. Once you install it, all the system monitoring activities get together at the Tray icon. This is the place where you can run it or check your system status regularly. Just a click and you can easily access the Dialog boxes and manage applications while interacting with the firewalls.

You can select and categorize which application to allow connect to a network or which are the ones to restrict. You can manage general settings like managing password protection while being on the net and add exceptions in the case of associated applications. In the special exceptions, tab users can specify more advanced settings allowing or blocking the services of user’s choice and preferences. All we want to say about TinyWall is that it’s tough enough to break and a reliable option for users.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

It is a kind of solutions that is pretty much appreciated by every user. Not just in the sense of a friendly user-interface, but also in the sense of quality and reliability it offers. It manages the entire connections of your system including file/folder or printer sharing, shared/public networks. This also can turn on/off the firewalls whenever necessary.

The first run done is when you install it on your computer. The popups are easy to handle just asking you accept, deny any changes. The included features of this application are Alarm levels depending on the criticality of any application. Three level program control either off, Low or Medium. In the free version of ZoneAlarm, users won’t be able to entertain all the features. But the free one offers a double defense i.e the stealth mode and saves system against phishing.

Comodo Firewall

This is something that would be a suitable one for both naïve and expert kind of users. The light and latest Comodo suite matches all your required features and provides whatever you need. This application has a special feature called Defense+ to help users monitor and manage the system security quite easily. This also comes with a built-in feature called memory firewall to safeguard from buffer overflow attacks. Also, the sandbox in system saves you from any malware activity.

This separates the safe applications and in case any harmful application tries to attack your system, it blocks that application right away and asks a user to take the necessary step. The application suite at the time of installation, prompts the users to choose any of three options that are Firewall only, Firewall with optimum protection, or Firewall with Maximum Proactive Defense.

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Private Firewall

This security solution is a freeware and comes with a multi-layer protective solution. Besides providing the standardized security solutions, it also offers behavior blocking technologies. This suite focuses Behavioral monitoring. It also has added features like protection against spyware and malware, suspicious applications, and gives you registry protection too. The user interface is what users may find a bit confusing to handle.

But, there are no reasons to worry because a help file is also available for users’ point of concern. While accessing the internet or any local network, there are three kinds of levels that a user can set High, Low, and Custom. Users can also opt for any profiles they like from the given three that are Home, Office, and Remote. The user can also block the outbound emails just by clicking “Block Outbound Emails” icon.

Final Words

So dear users, these were some points on Top 6 Best Free Firewall for Windows. If you know more related to this stuff then do share your knowledge here to help as much as you can and as many as you can. Sharing is caring and help us help you more. Thank you for the good read.