10 Best Guides to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of a Website

Domain authority is a very common term in term of SEO (search engine optimization). The meaning of the term can be clearly understood by its name itself. Domain authority actually means what will be the rank of a website on any of the search engines. It is actually a comparative metric which is used to compare the rank of different websites on different search engines.

Domain authority was created by Moz. It actually works on the basis of a score. This score actually is estimated on the basis of a scale with 100 points. The score has the role of specifying rank of the site and to determine the strength of the site with the ongoing time.

Famous websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia etc have a domain authority score of almost 100. Many other sites are having Domain Authority of around 50 also. But it does not imply that these sites are not good or are inferior to other sites. The domain authority factor always keeps on fluctuating. This value is just or the comparison which shows that there might be some downfalls in the domain authority. This may be because the value is either not updated or the signals are of not good quality.

Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority Factors

The domain authority is measured on the basis of some factors. The major factors include a rank factor, trust factor, signals depicting social strength, the total number of Backlink profiles handled, the experience of each and every user, time is taken by the site to load, traffic generated at the site and much more. These factors play a vital role in domain authority.

Various factors affecting Domain Authority and some are discussed below in detail:

Linking root domains: The sites linking to your sites play a major role in calculating the value of Domain Authority. It is highly relying on this factor. So, if you are getting 100 links from 100 of the different domains then, it is much better than getting 100 from only the single domain. So if many sites are being linked to your site, then it will ultimately increase the value of your site.

Moz Rank: On the basis of a link profile, the Moz rank is calculated. The Moz range goes from 0 to 10. Higher is the rank, better is the quality. It is important to have Backlinks from a high-quality So if you are having 10 Backlinks from a high-quality site then they are considered much better than having 50 from a poor quality site.

Moz trust: This factor is same as Moz rank. It basically works on the proximity level with respect to authority links. Moz trust factor calculates your connections with all other authorized websites and checks the network with the other websites. If you are linked to websites which are linked to other authorized sites then you will be ultimately profited by the links.

The quality of content: This is the main factor deciding the rank of the website in the world of search engine optimization. If the content on the website is of high quality, then the rank will automatically increase and more people will tend to link through This way your domain authority will increase significantly.

Social signals: Social signals play an important in increasing domain authority of the website. These signals depict a total number of views, shares and likes on the articles at your website. So if people are sharing and liking your articles, it means that the article might be helping them in some or other way. This provides legal authorization to your website.

Domain Age is also important: Domain age is also a major factor to calculate any blog’s domain authority. Old domains are generally considered more trust by search engine.

Friendliness with search engines: If the website is friendly with the search engines, it will be shown at the top of search engines and thus the authority will increase and more and more audience will get to your site.

Want to Increase Domain Authority?

If you want to increase your ranking in relation to a search engine, then domain authority plays a major role in it. Let’s say you have a domain ranking of 20 to 25 then it is very low and your main keywords will not be focused to that extent. Similarly having high domain ranking up to 70 can make you do well and your ranking in search engine market will grow up automatically.

How to Increase Domain Authority

There are many methodologies of increasing the domain authority. Some of the best methods are discussed below:

Try to Earn links From More Sites

You can easily earn links for your site. One of the major and important factors to provide raise to the domain authority is the number of linking through root domains. So, it is good to get a large number of sites linked to your website.

If you are providing content which is helpful to the audience, more and more Backlinks will be provided to you. So, it is better to keep the audience in your mind and write useful content according to the people. This way it will be easy for you to earn organic Backlinks.

Content marketing

This has emerged to be a new idea in the world of blogging. If you want to increase the reach of your content, then start the marketing of your content. If there are more people to view your content, more popularized your site will be. Also, it will help readers in some manner and thus they would like and share your contents. Ultimately, you will be offered with more and more Backlinks for your website. Sharing your content on social media by the people will earn you higher ranks and more authority as well.

With Diversification, There is a Need of Clean link Profile

It happens many a time that many websites start linking to your website. This seems to be very attractive and nice initially, but at later stages, it can prove to be harmful or making downfall in your image. There are many sites which do not have a good standard and have a poor ranking in terms of search engines. They can either be spam sites or are very poor in terms of quality.

So, it is very important to have a look at such websites which can destruct your quality as well as the image in the search engine market. You should always try to keep away from linking to poor quality sites and must keep yourselves away from the illegal search engine optimization practices. A regular watch is very important to keep yourself away from the negative SEO attacks. For this, check the webmaster tool of the Google to find out who all are linking to you daily and then you can cross check the quality of the linked websites.

Internal Linking Structure Should be Properly Planned

What are actually internal links? These are hyperlink within an article which will take you to another article on the same website. So, if you want to have a better ranking, then proper interlinking is very important and necessary. This will automatically increase the domain authority of your site.

You need to remember some points while working on internal linking. Here are some points which you need to keep in mind while making internal linking structure:

  • Anchor texts should be used in a variety.
  • Don’t try to over the link. Make internal linking only where it is desirable, otherwise, a number of links will be increased for no reason.
  • Balance should be maintained between the internal link and external link on each page.

Try to write Epic & Very Unique Content

You must write the content which is exact up to the mark and that no one can beat up your content. The content should be such that it is helpful for the readers and they can take some use from it. More useful is the content, more people will view it and hence more will be the sharing of your content. This way the authorization will increase up constantly and significantly.

The post must be written only after keeping its reader in mind. All the possible points and solution to every problem must be mentioned in the write-up. This is to be done so that the reader does not need to wander somewhere else to get the solution to his problems. Also, you should keep in mind that duplicate content can hinder the quality of the web page. If you find the article similar to some other existing one or it is the updated version of any write up then use the feature of canonical point out to refer the exact source.

Work Hard on Off page SEO

If you want that the search engine optimization must be positive then exact configuration with off page SEO needs to be done. Following are some points to be covered in it:

  • Guest posting: With the help of guest posting, the authorization will increase up and the reach of content will also grow. Read AlsoList Of Guest Blogging sites
  • Commenting on blogs: If you want to get more and more Backlinks, then blog commenting is a great idea indeed. Through this, you can grab the readership of any of your competitor by just useful and relevant comments. Read Also250+ High PR Blog Commenting Sites List
  • Social bookmarking: These sites help in forwarding the content of your site to some other sites, thus increasing the audience of your content. This way you will get the global viewers and number of readers will grow up. And automatically, domain authority will be increased. Read Also200+ Social Bookmarking Sites for Backlinks

Also Optimization Through Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Depending on just one method to increase the profit is a big stupidity. So, your full dependency on search engines can sometimes prove to be harmful. It is just like putting all eggs in a single bag. Social media is a place which will provide you with diversity and your traffic will increase gradually. This way you will get the global viewers and number of readers will grow up. And automatically, domain authority will be increased.

Writing up great content can attract more audience and thus your work reaches to the global market. Paid advertising can also be an option to reach some readers.

The Site Should be User-Friendly

If you are not having users on your site, then the best content is even of no use. So, it is very important to have readers for your site. For this, it is very important to develop websites which are user-friendly and are easily understandable by the users. No one would prefer the use of sites which take too much time to load or are full of advertisements. So try to reduce load from the site and increase the white space to improve the clarity. Related Content10 Easy Tips to Reduce Wordpress Page Load Time

Patiently Work on the Site

Do not panic and hassle for the growth of your site. Keep working on it calmly and significantly and ultimately you will notice that the rankings will hike up in the market. If you will try to run up fastly, it can prove to be destructive. Related Content6 Habits to Become an Effective and Successful Blogger.

Maintain Healthy Relationship with Others

It is very important to have good relation with other site owners. This will let you earn good links and also you will get to know updated news from others. Also, links help in building authority. Thus maintaining a healthy relationship is directly proportional to getting increased authority.

In Conclusion

These are some of the ways you can increase your domain authority and earn well. How you liked our tutorial, you must write your opinion, suggestion and query in Comment box, I shall try to get back to your suggestion or query as soon as possible.