How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status – Dell Warranty Check

This step by step tutorial will guide you on your query regard – how to check Dell Laptop Warranty Status. You can read here check dell laptop warrant by online dell laptop warrant check, By Dell Support Assistant and by calling up dell support center. Keep in mind, you can also check dell laptop battery warranty by doing same.

Have you been a Dell laptop user and had some problems while checking the warranty status of your dell laptop? The answer is most probably yes; many of us are having our whole day work on laptops, and in this era of corporate, we most of the time, ignore the quality parameters of the laptop. One of the most essential quality parameters is of Warranty.

Many of the times, our laptop faces some technical glitches on our laptop. The glitches include the burning of some parts, etc. So before calling for a working person for repairing the laptop, it is suggested that the person should check whether the laptop lies in the warranty period or not.

While speaking about the Dell laptops, basically, the dell laptops offer a one-year warranty period. The warranty period is taken into consideration from the date on which the computer was purchased.

The warranty period offers you free repairing of the laptop and also covers up the hardware failures that the laptop may have in that period. For the commercial desktop computers, the facility of the extension of the warranty period of five years is also offered by Dell. The warranty period can only be extended when the actual warranty period of the laptop is going on.

But most of us face one issue that we don’t remember the date on which we purchased our laptop, so due to this, we face confusion related to the laptop’s warranty period. So here are some ways to check the warranty status of a laptop in a very simple manner.

Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

Dell Warranty Check

Lets began step by step guide to know How much time is left for your Dell laptop to expire there warranty. After knowing this, you can also extend the warranty, for this you will have to renew the warranty. But first know how to check Dell laptop warranty.

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status Online

The Geeks who want to know the warranty status of their dell laptop and don’t know the date of purchase can understand the laptop’s warranty period in an online manner. For this, the client must have a service tag or the express service code. The service tag or the express service code is found on the backside of the device.

If both the things are available to you, then follow the steps mentioned below.

1) First, you need to visit Dell’s warranty page through any search engine on any device.

2) Then, over on the warranty page, you need to enter the service tag or express service code there, and then the client needs to click upon the submit button; in this way, you can see the warranty status of your dell laptop.

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status by Using Dell Support Assist

We saw method number one above, but the client cannot find out the service tag or express service code on their laptop in some cases. So this method is useful for such clients. For using this method, you can use the inbuilt support assist tool, which is present in your dell laptop.

1) First, the client should open the inbuilt support assist tool present in the dell laptop. If you cannot see the inbuilt tool, you can also search it on the taskbar. If the device is not current on your laptop, you could download it from the dell’s website.

2) After opening the inbuilt support assist tool, the client can check up the laptop’s warranty status over there. The clients who couldn’t find the service tag can also find it over here.

Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status by Calling up Dell

If the client is unable to follow the above two mentioned methods, then he/she can also know the warranty period by calling the customer care service of Dell. Simultaneously, asking for the warranty period, you need to tell them the service tag and express service code of your laptop.

So these were the ways mentioned above for knowing the Dell laptop’s warranty period of yours effortlessly so that if there is any technical glitch regarding your laptop, you can get it repaired in the warranty period in free of cost. So if you find this article informative, then do like and share our article.

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