How to Backup Android Phone to PC [Complete Guide]

If your phone crashes unexpectedly, or worse gets lost or stolen, then you’ll not just be the cost of a phone, but also an enormous amount of data. To get around that, you need to enable cloud backups for as many things as possible, so that logging your account into a new handset transfers most of your data automatically. But not everything can be backed up that way, and that’s why it’s still important to take regular backups of your phone. Today we will tell you How to backup Android phone to PC to make your life easier.

Backup Android Phone to PC

While some third-party Best Android Backup Apps will let you make a full back up your Android Smartphone, they are not for everyone. Most users don’t know about how to root Android phone or want to mess around with installing ADB drivers. No worry, it may take a few more steps, but you’ll get there. By these Android tricks you can Backup your Android Smartphone’s SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Audio, Videos, Camera Photos and SD Card Photos etc.

Backup Android phone to PC by Connect your phone via USB cable

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
  • Turn on the USB Debugging mode on your phone.
  • Click Connect button to connect your Android phone to SyncDroid via USB cable.

Backup Android phone to PC

Backup or restore any or all of these data types: SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Audio, Videos, Camera Photos and SD Card Photos. Please keep the USB cable or Wi-Fi connection while backing up the android phone.

  • Choose items you would like to backup from SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmark, Audio, Video, and Photos.
  • Input backup name and note to specify the backup file for restoring data in future.
  • Click “Backup” button.

Backup Android Phone to PC via Wi-Fi Network

  • Download and install SyncDroid App to your phone.
  • Open SyncDroid App and enable the Wi-Fi connection on your phone, and then enter the verification code.
  • Click Connect button to connect your Android phone to SyncDroid via Wi-Fi network.

Backup Android Phone to PC up to the cloud

  • On your phone, go to Settings > Accounts & sync.
  • Under ACCOUNTS and tick mark “Auto-sync data.” Next, tap on Google. Now, tap on the Gmail ID you used to sign onto the phone.
  • Here, you can turn on all the options so that all your Google related information gets synced to the cloud. This includes your contacts, photos (uploaded to Google+, privately if you want), app data, calendar events, Chrome tabs, your Google Fit data and more.
  • Now go to Settings > Backup & Reset.
  • Check back up my data.

This will save app data and all of your phone’s settings including Wi-Fi passwords to your Google account. When you sign in using this Google account on another phone, all of your preferences, photos (via Google+), and contacts will be imported automatically. This data is regularly synced and you just need to log into another device with the same account to recover it. This does not cover your text messages and various other types of data – you’ll have to back them up yourself.

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Backup Android Phone to PC Using Apps

While Google automatically backs up your contacts, Gmail, and calendars, you can also do a lot to save your apps, as well as app data and settings. Here are some of the best Android backup apps to help keep your app data, contacts list, photos, and media safe.


And at last, I saved it as the best tool. AnyTrans wins it again. Everything you need to be transferred is right here. To let you know what it can do, here are some facts. You can manage the transfer of your messages, voicemails, images, videos, audio files, and apps. What else do you require? In my previous how-to guides, I mentioned all the steps you need to follow.


Dropbox is another better option to choose from. Get it on your computer as well as on your device. The next to follow is down here:

  • Move to the Uploads section
  • Click the + symbol at the top left.
  • Choose your photos to be done.
  • Select the upload target location.
  • Now go to the computer and Launch Dropbox.
  • Your files will be awaiting your response.

My Backup

My Backup is a reliable app backup and management tool for Android devices. My Backup provides app backup functions, with automated scheduling, cloud backups and more. While My Backup works well on non-rooted phones, the real potential of the app is unlocked when you run it on a rooted phone, allowing it to back up not just apps, but also app data and settings such as saved games, market links and more.


Having a proper tool or application is leverage for you both regarding time efficiency and data saving. Free your device memory regularly so not is left with any memory crisis. These were some guidelines on How to the backup Android phone to PC. Hope it was worth having your time.

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