Top 12 Best Free VPN for Mac OS in 2021 for Security, Speed & Streaming

We are listed here some top rated and best Free VPN for Mac OS in 2021 for Security, Speed & Streaming.

In my last How to and Best Apps guide, I talked about some handy VPN apps for iDevices.  This one is, particularly for your MAC PC. A secure Virtual Private Network is the need of the hour for every device at a time like these. You never know who’ snooping around your online information exchanges taking place over a weak Wi-Fi or wired channel. This is where you derive a notion whether your privacy is fire-walled or not. Here are some Best VPN for Mac OS.

Best VPN for MAC

So, the list of Best Free VPN for Mac has the essential applications, and I bet these VPN software’s come with accessibility for Android and iOS Devices too. Let us head from start to the tail. Check AlsoBest Free VPN for iPhone

best vpn for mac


Surfshark Dedicated Mac VPN 

There are plenty of reasons to add Surfshark VPN to the list of 10 Best VPN for MAC. It’s the only VPN service that’s available for a more extended trial period for MAC OS. On the other hand, you pay only $2.50 a month to avail its premium services. With better connectivity, easy to set up, fast connections, and unblocked Netflix, all the features are available upright with Surfshark VPN.

Besides MAC, you can also use it on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. The 30-day free trial lets you test the VPN services efficiently. However, to access its full-feature list only after a paid subscription. Your identity is the safest from prying eyes with WireGuard’s AES-256 encryption, and value for money just doesn’t end here. There is more to this VPN for MAC.


The Canada based VPN packs all the features in it whether a paid version or a free one. It’s intuitive, easy to get started with, and provides optimum security to its users with AES 256-bit secure encryption. You can rely on it just as millions of users do. It’s easy to set up on MAC and if you have Windows, Android, or iPhone, shouldn’t you worry either.

For a free user subscription, the data limit is extended up to 500 Mb with up to 5 devices connected simultaneously. However, with same features and encryption, you can enjoy unlimited data in a paid version. Users are experiencing its features across the globe but, it’s still to make its mark in Australia and India.

Cargo VPN

Cargo VPN is another awesome VPN for Mac can encrypts your internet connection to protect you connection when you visit privet websites, protect your IP address, protect your location and personal communication. You are notified about every malicious site it comes across and has access to 1000+ servers in 70+ different locations.

Cargo VPN support 256-bit data encryption to secure your privet data from hackers, snoopers, there DNS firewall blocks all malicious websites, stop annoying windows popping, avoid tracking system and much more.

Pure VPN

PureVPN stands out because of its distinctive feature called Dedicated IP with the help of which your online security and it’s rectified further by 256 bit OpenVPN encryption system. Its free trial is available for a particular period with some limited number of servers. Its paid subscription services get you access to over 8000 different IPs, 750 servers spread across more than 180 locations.

Like, TunnelBear, it doesn’t record any activity log and provides unlimited data access once installed with a package. Its Split tunneling feature helps users to send data packets across the selective Channels. Other than MAC, it is a good take for Windows users.


NordVPN is the third one to join the club of the top ten and an important choice for MAC users. NordVPN is soundly compatible for all the MAC users with an ease of accessibility to servers, and you can connect to any available server according to your Geographical location. This application proves to be a boon to gamers and online streamers since the download and streaming speed is especially taken care of by Nord Team. Also, the double-layered date encryption across a channel makes it safer and a better option.

Tiger VPN

To visit some blocked content and gain access to different servers over 60 locations, chose Tiger VPN. With a free trial version, you have a handful tryout before you consider putting your money in it. If you go for a premium version, more handy features are unlocked giving you unlimited access to server locations and excellent download speed.

For a free trial, you can check its pros and cons with 500 data limit. Embedded with four different security protocols your privacy has been considered a prime concern by eth development team. You can connect a maximum of two devices at once using Tiger VPN.

Hotspot Shield VPN

I’d say it’s the best of all the free VPN services data pack is extended to 750 MB per day resetting after every 24 hours. You are notified about every malicious website it comes across and has access to 2000+ active servers. Available for both the Windows and MAC OS, it can support connectivity to maximum five devices.

With a little stuff to ponder about, it is not as high as the applications mentioned above in case of log keeping and terminating the connection after exiting the application. Also, there is no Dedicated IP and Streaming Service Support for Hotspot Shield.

PrivateTunnel VPN

PrivateTunnel VPN a limited number of server locations which is just 12, supports a unlimited number of devices to surf and the intriguing feature to note is its payment plan goes according to how much data you consumed over a particular period. So, if you are not entirely a frequent visitor, it suits your needs.

Like Hotspot Shield, it has no logging policy and also employs OpenVPN encryption protocol to double ensure user’s privacy. It is quickly set up across Windows and MAC PCs.


A varied list of servers is accessible for the Singapore-based locations, and download speed is also as sound as other VPN service providers on the list. It’s pretty extensive for a MAC user with a multi-themed support and is suitable to access torrents. Ivacy is available only for a paid use, and hands you access to over 250 servers across 100+ locations across the globe.

Pricing is a bit daunting that starts from $9.95 a month, $44.95 for a six months pack, and $49 for two years. Security Protocols is worth paying for as it comes with a 256-bit encryption split tunneling and a kill switch.

Betternet VPN

With a 128-bit level encryption method, Betternet has all the standard features that an ideal VPN you are looking for. It does not display ads and keeps no record of user’s online activity. You can connect five devices through Betternet simultaneously, has much to offer you with its DNS leak protection.

It doesn’t come with Dedicated IP servers but does let you enjoy unlimited data transfer across its secured channel and online streaming. It can be a good take for you if you are using MAC PC or Windows OS.

HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss VPN has 900 servers based at 240 different locations in 190+ countries, which is pretty reasonable. With a device connectivity support to a maximum of two, you are connected to different servers and are secured via OpenVPN encryption. Ads may appear and it also misses out dedicated IPs, records are kept in its log while you search and access the inet using HideMyAss. Streaming Services are also out of action but, you can enjoy unlimited data transfer over its channel. It is easily operated on Windows and MAC PCs.

Norton VPN

The last one is a better and a sound application to grab; it’s an antivirus application and also comes with VPN application that comes with the latest built-in technology. Since the latest threat KRACK turned out to be harmful to user’s online privacy, hackers had easy access to your data being transferred online.

KRACK works through a ransomware and mainly hits the target user’s financial details. But Norton overpowers this buggy ransomware implementing the highest security protocols and offers you a value for money service, that too at affordable pricing. Plans vary from user-to-user and yearly and monthly which are $39.99 & $4.99 for single user, $39.39 & $7.99 for up to 5 users, and $59.99 & $9.99 for up to 10 users. Al in all, thumbs are up for Norton.

Fetching a Coffee:

All these VPN have some pros and cons, starting at the pricing and ending at the online security, there is a lot to consider in between. I’ll leave it to you. Let me know what you about any other Best Free VPN for Mac. Because there are some other freebies that can get you a better outcome with an optimized level of online privacy and anonymity.