11 Best Apps for Rooted Android to Enhance Phones Performance

Best App for Rooted Android Device:- Rooting your devices is kind of like an option for Regular and geeky Android users these days. Be it the annoyance of the unwanted apps, some app offering poor service or with a bad interface, everybody has to tap into their advanced settings. It is still a tough nut to crack which apps to retain and which to let go of for your rooted device. Here we have collection of Best App for Rooted Android that I’d suggest you.

By now, you all must have been familiar with the need of getting your device rooted. It is to get the super user privilege and authority when you have Linux based operating system. By rooting your device, you have the rights over the pre-installed apps that take your device memory for no reason. You can even take a better hold on the apps while monitoring and easy backups.

Best App for Rooted Android Device

In the list down below, you’ll get to know more about the noteworthy and potent apps that are suggested and reviewed based on their utilized purpose. Some of them are new, paid or unpaid. But if some app is worth it, you shouldn’t mind spending some bucks for it.


rooted apps for android

Yeah, SuperSU as it stands for is a free to install and use app that gives you a superuser authority over your device. You can manage the admin or specifically, the advanced and high-level settings while controlling the apps and their priority. Tampering with the device settings can be a painting experience too. You can administer high-level commands to control the command for your device hardware with low-priority. In the permissions manager, you can monitor then apps, grant or revoke permissions, log any superuser request etc. But, be careful while setting permissions.

Lucky Patcher

rooted apps for android

It has been rated the best app for rooted Android devices with the most number of tweaks. Almost all the tweaks are workable in every android app that might be running on your device right now. You can remove License Verification, annoying Ads, moreover, you can remove the preinstalled or system apps off your android device. With Lucky Patcher, you can even create new APKs for the apps that have been modified. Lucky Patcher color codes the apps and lists them by the color. If you are a first time user, it may be hard to devise what each color signifies, the list is of color codes ios explained on the official website.


Best rooted apps for android

Dumpster is a free app that plays an identical role to that of Recycle Bin Windows or in Mac. Users can even recover their deleted files using Dumpster. And same as Recycle Bin, you can delete a file permanently with the help of Dumpster. Dumpster keeps the space free and can be automatically configured.

It flushes out the memory occupied by old and unused files. But, before you do so, it allows you to preview all the files in a list. Additionally, there’s an alternative to empty your old files into Dumpster’s cloud that enables you back up your information on the net. Dumpster is also able to run without root, rooted access makes it more effective as to memory and battery.

  • Recyclebin for your Android device
  • Instantly retrieve important files, images and videos
  • Easily restore accidentally deleted images
  • No internet required and also free to use


Greenify, is so far, the effective best battery saver app that can help you save your Phone’s battery. It’s been used, rated and appreciated by many worldwide users, who were able to save enough of their battery level at the end of the day. Greenigy has also released another version of it for the users having unrooted devices.

Greenify keeps a close watch on the apps along with the ones running in the background and lets you know how often they instantiate in the interim. Using Greenify, you can hibernate these apps to cease them from consuming the device’s power, hence effectively saving the Device RAM and enhancing its performance.


Best rooted apps for android

Servicely is a freely available app available to offer users an effective task killing ability that helps you save the battery life. While the recent version of Android has a built-in feature to do that, Servicely is a boon to the users still relying on the older versions of Android OS. It runs a service after every 60 seconds by automatically killing the selected apps that you can choose from kill-list. The background service can also be manually timed to prevent the power loss and having your hands rest while the device sleeps.


Rec is also another unique & best call recorder app for android that is available free easily workable on Android 4.4 and later. It works on using root permissions allowing users record an audio or video stream. Users can do it without being bound to be connected with a desktop or a CUI. Users can record any audio through their Microphone setting the duration of the recorded file and stream, at any resolution and at any bitrate. If you purchase the app, there are more features getting unlocked for you namely the countdown timer, the shake-to-stop-recording feature, and a set of configurable presets.

ROM Toolbox

It is the mother app of all the great apps that can turn your android into a hi-tech 21st-century device outdoing the other brands. It is aimed at make your Android faster in performance and while beautifying your device’s looks. You can save up to 85% of your device power and also, save your money that you’ll probably spend on some other app. With a 5-star review, over 14k+ users have been using it right now and the number is still touching the skies.

The apps that are usefully homed in ROM Toolbox are   Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, Root Explorer, SetCPU, MetaMorph, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator, Script Manager, SD Booster, BuildProp Editor, Font Installer, Boot Animation Installer and others. Find more after trying it. It is a paid app by the way.

Titanium Backup

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Titanium Backup takes a unique spot on Best Apps for Rooted Android Device for particular reasons. It’s a perfect tool for those who love flashing their rooted smartphones. Frequent flashing puts your data and ROM at risk. You can use its multiple options to back up your valuable data.

You can also schedule automatic backups, freeze the apps, and turn them into user apps. Titanium backup also lets you backup your protected apps & system apps, including external data residing on your SD card. Performing 0-click batch & scheduled backups better than ever. This multi-purpose tool is appreciated worldwide and is operates on millions of smartphones in 32+ languages. The app received its last update in a couple of fixes, namely, the built-in Menu action and translations.


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You can manage the audio platforms that are connected to your device. You can control the audio settings like adding Bass and effects, monitor the volume of the playback, and set other functions using the equalizer. Users are enabled to control the playback via the phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth speakers or other compatible devices that can be connected to the phone. Viper4Android comes with a built-in driver to enhance the sound quality. You can experience the new dimension of the sound using the Viper4Android.

Boot Animations

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JRummy apps get you a new look to your Android by delivering the Boot Animations app freely. Run on the rooted devices, this app enables users to enjoy the customized animations by replacing the default animated theme visible the time of the device boot. There is a range of 300+ boot animations with another ability to turn a GIF into a bootup animation. Users, at their end, can preview the animations, randomize the preview sequence, or disable any or all the animation at their will.

Good Mood Droid Gesture Control

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Here is another cool and kickass app that you’ll find amazing enough for your rooted device. GMD is available for $5.55 that I must say is a value for money app. Yeah, it definitely can reverse your mood by enabling users to add multitouch gesture controls to their device. You can use all four fingers to ensure its multitouch gestures swiping all the fingers at once, paying, opening, or hiding some games or apps.  This app is surely the last one on the list but was worth mentioning here in the top ten. Do try it.


There are some other cool apps that are going to step in the Android market. I am keeping a tab and will bring it another time to you. Meanwhile, try the ones I spoke of in the list of 11 Best App for Rooted Android here. Keep me informed about what your next search is about? I’ll get you something, drop me your message in the comment Box below.