Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Juan Williams: Marco Rubio is Top Lawmaker of 2012

It is time for my annual pick for the year’s top member of Congress. Last year, I chose Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) for his leadership...

Mitt Romney and the GOP: When Truth Hurts More Than Losing

By Daryl Gale of the Philadelphia Tribune OK, Republicans, we’ll go over this one last time: I am Black. I voted for President Barack Obama. I...

332 to 206: Black Voters Did Their Part, Now What?

By A. Bruce Crawley The long, drawn-out 2012 Presidential Election has, mercifully, come to an end, President Barack Obama has been re-elected and Black voters...

Senior Voters: Looking for Solutions on Medicare Not Gridlock

By Kirk Clay  Choosing a vice president is the biggest exercise in judgment a candidate performs. It offers a rare view of the candidate’s core...

Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez: Race, Immigration and Who’s “American”

There’s been a great deal of discussion about a new Pew Research Center report confirming that migrants from Asian countries now outnumber those from...

Conservatives, Zimmerman and The Trayvon Race Gap

Conservatives conveniently use hatred of the Black left to avoid an honest conversation on racism

Romney’s Problem With Ledbetter … and the Ladies

Equal pay laws have the power to galvanize women of color. But, Mitt Romney wouldn't know about that.

Five Big Questions After Santorum’s Suspension (Yawn …)

Does that mean Republicans will stop blasting Black people? Not exactly.

Why Won’t the Obama Campaign Hire Black People?

This Obama 2012 campaign staff pic looks real bad - but, it's not what you think.

Eight Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People

A tutorial on what White parents should teach their kids about race and Black people