Friday, April 20, 2018
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Latino Vets Hit the Hardest, Often the Easiest Prey

 “Hang in there baby!  You’re almost done.”  That was the best I could offer in my panicked, generally unintelligible speech of encouragement during my...

This Vet Not For Romney

Presidential contender, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, is a Chickenhawk who talks fast and loose, and is willing to jeopardize American lives.

D.C. Air Nat’l Guard Deploys as Nation Marks 10 Years @...

The 113th Wing of the D.C. National Guard, also known as "Capital Guardians," began deployment operations Friday, Oct. 7, sending several hundred men and women from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

9/11 Anniversary Brings Tighter Security to District and New York

With the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaching, federal and local officials are taking no chances on security to keep Americans safe...

Mayors Pass Resolution — Bring Troops Home, Spend the Money Here

Mayors from across the country have passed a resolution to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and use the $126 billion a year...

Obama Clashes with Congress over Libya, War Powers Act

News hailing from Washington that President Barack Obama rejected the advice of Caroline Krass, the acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel within...

Obama Under Pressure to Justify Continued Libya Operations

War-weary lawmakers are calling on President Barack Obama to discuss American involvement in the ongoing NATO-led Libya bombing campaign. They contend the president is...

Black Elected Officials React to President’s State of the Union Address

As President Obama articulated his vision for the nation during his State of the Union address, Black lawmakers from across the country leveraged the opportunity to convey their vision for the country.

Current Realities Mark Sobering Parallels on King’s Birthday

Today would not have been a federal holiday if the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had not met an assassin’s bullet on the balcony of a Memphis hotel in 1968.

The Confederate Flag: Heritage or Racism?

Though the Confederacy lost the Civil War, South Carolina and others still struggle with what to do with the flag.