Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Texas Rep Hopes to Pass Online Voter Registration this Year

Online voter registration is not a new concept, but one Texas representative hopes to make it new to the Lone Star State with a...

58% to 42%: Maryland DREAM Act Wins Big

Maryland's DREAM Act, a law passed by the state senate earlier this year, that would allow undocumented youth to attend public institutions of higher...

Politic365 Announces Launch of #VoiceYourVote

A Civic Engagement Movement for Millennial Voters...

DREAMing Voter ID and Presidential Evolution

The President's DREAM Act ploy could have far reaching consequences for voter ID measures

Kasim Reed’s Hard Line on ATL Transit

Mayor Reed has ATL’s transit woes heavy on his mind

“Bleaching” of S.C. Voting Districts Lead to Lawsuits

"We’re going to give the United States Supreme Court a chance to say race should not be used as a divisive criteria in reapportionment."

Univision Should Give GOP Candidates a Silla Vacia

In Univision's scuffle with Sen. Marco Rubio, the real losers are Hispanic voters.

Obama Bus Tour Rides Rough Political Terrain In N.C.

President Obama begins a campaign-style bus tour Monday in North Carolina and Virginia to try to drum up support for his jobs bill and his re-election campaign.

DOJ Slams Texas on Redrawn Maps

The U.S. Department of Justice stated that the United States would oppose pre-clearance of the State House and congressional redistricting plans.

Herman Cain wins Florida GOP Straw Poll — Where Will It...

The results of Florida’s Republican presidential preference straw poll are in, and the big winner is former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and-talk radio host Herman...