Friday, March 23, 2018
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Redistricting Battle Royale in 2012

Republican rear-guard games with redistricting only hurt them in the long run

TJ Holmes, Political Stars, and What’s “Unforgivable”

McAllister raps with newsman TJ Holmes about voter attitudes

Is it the Gas Prices … Stupid??

Obama is probably the first president to admit he can't control gas prices. But, will that matter?

Voter ID Puts Texas On Its Own … For Now

DOJ slaps back on Lone Star state's poll tax disguised as a anti-voter fraud law

What Trayvon Martin Says About Our Politics

A tragic killing of a Black boy speaks volumes to what's happening this election cycle

Newt Gingrich: Old Man Angry

Jason Johnson calls Newt Gingrich "old man angry" on CNN

The Poll Tax Makes a Comeback

Dismantling the dangerous undemocratic scam called "Voter ID laws"

Nikki Haley’s “Sell Out” Moment

Nikki Haley gets an uncomfortable reminder about her skin color

Why “Job Creation” is Such a Dangerous Phrase

Analysts and commentators have been musing about the Republican Party’s identity struggle. On one side are your social conservatives who have heavily invested in...

Can the NAACP Make Voter ID “Sexy?”

Publicly and privately, most Republican strategists tout the party line on Voter ID.  Publicly, it’s on principle, they say, with legions of conservative think...