Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Voter Suppression: Why Are We Acting New?

The voter ID debate acts as if this is all new - and that we don't need a bigger fix

Black Republicans Key in Voter Validation Efforts and Stopping Voter Suppression

Without the unique positioning of Black Republicans to mitigate the differences between appropriate voter validation efforts and unethical voter suppression actions, the GOP will...

Is the GOP Getting Eric Holder Out of the Way?

Could a recent move to hold Eric Holder in contempt simply be a move to keep him off voter suppression?

Voter ID Won’t Work – Just ask Puerto Rico

Requiring a Voter ID is a superficial remedy to avoid voter fraud - Puerto Rico can tell you all about it

How Bad is Black and Brown Voter Registration?

A debate erupts over just how many Black and Latino voters aren't there - and how bad voter ID laws made it

Got Voter ID?

The war to help communities of color secure voter identification wages on

Call 1-866-MyVote1 To Fend Off Voter Rights Attacks

Republicans play dirty; civil rights groups fight back.

The Truth with Jeff Johnson: Voter ID Laws Unjustifiable

Jeff Johnson talks the implications of Voter ID laws as thousands head out to the polls.

Florida Strangles Minorities, Soto Fight Backs

Politic365 talks with FL Rep. Darren Soto about the state's controversial voter registration law

Will the Real Eric Holder Stand Up?

Conservative pranksters strike again and cause an uproar over voter ID in D.C.