Friday, April 20, 2018
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Why “Job Creation” is Such a Dangerous Phrase

Analysts and commentators have been musing about the Republican Party’s identity struggle. On one side are your social conservatives who have heavily invested in...

Can the NAACP Make Voter ID “Sexy?”

Publicly and privately, most Republican strategists tout the party line on Voter ID.  Publicly, it’s on principle, they say, with legions of conservative think...

VOTING365: Lawyers’ Committee Voter ID “Map of Shame”

Politic365 recommends viewing the Lawyers' Committee on Civil Rights online interactive "Map of Shame" project identifying Voter ID activities in various states. From the Lawyer's...

Attorney General Holder to Meet with CBC Wednesday

There's lots to talk about. Many members of the CBC have expressed concern on issues regarding new voter ID laws and the redistricting process.