Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Voters Say Yes to Marijuana, Obama, in Colorado Solidifying Blue State...

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- When the polls opened Tuesday morning many voters were warned that there would be lines at polling places across Colorado. In...

DREAMing Voter ID and Presidential Evolution

The President's DREAM Act ploy could have far reaching consequences for voter ID measures

Is the GOP Getting Eric Holder Out of the Way?

Could a recent move to hold Eric Holder in contempt simply be a move to keep him off voter suppression?

Got Voter ID?

The war to help communities of color secure voter identification wages on

Memo to Mr. Romney: Latinos Are Voters, Too

An open letter - and warning - to the presumptive GOP nominee about what Latino voters are weighing in their final choice

Will the Real Eric Holder Stand Up?

Conservative pranksters strike again and cause an uproar over voter ID in D.C.

Memo to Republicans: Drop the Cheese Grits

Eating southern cuisine and talking with a twang is not the way to win over key voters

Sharpton, CBC Join Forces on Voter Suppression

Black politicians and activists look for tipping point on Voter ID

Newt Gingrich: Old Man Angry

Jason Johnson calls Newt Gingrich "old man angry" on CNN

The Poll Tax Makes a Comeback

Dismantling the dangerous undemocratic scam called "Voter ID laws"