Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Biden at CHCI: Hispanics “Most Powerful Force in American Politics”

Vice President Biden laid it on thick with thanks and praise in his speech in front of  the annual gathering of the Congressional Hispanic...

Biden at La Raza: Mitt Wants You to Show Your Papers...

For the past few days, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) held its annual conference featuring workshops, townhalls, and networking events for the Latino community....

Politics Pimps Cinco de Mayo

For politicos, the 5th of May has become an annual opportunity to push a political agenda

Joe Biden Buddy Up With Latin America

Politic365 talks with Cris Arcos about disjointed U.S. policy in the region

Georgetown vs. China — ‘Friendlies’ Turn Mean and Goodwill Goes Sour

While Vice President Joe Biden was completing his diplomatic trip to China, touching on issues such as human rights and assuring Chinese leaders that...

Biden Challenges Men To Stand Up for Victims; Too Bad He...

Biden’s conduct in a Senate Judiciary Committee inquiry into conduct by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas remains a disappointment because he played a role in minimizing the experiences of distinguished professional black women, who complained about sexual harassment.

President Obama Signs Historic ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Into Law

History was made today in the United States military as President Barack Obama ushered in a new day for openly gay and lesbian service members.

House Dems Revolt Against Tax Cut Deal

Capitol Hill was full of surprises this week as a batallion of House Democrats openly revolted against the proposed tax cut deal between President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans.

Clinton Obama’s Running Mate in 2012? Not A Bad Bet

With the 2010 Presidential election in sight, questions abound as to whether Hillary Clinton will be tapped as Obama's running mate.