Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Beatty’s Green Light from Buckeye State’s Black Caucus

Beatty gets a head nod from Ohio's Black power elite

Internet Black Out: SOPA Gone Wild

By now, employers have no doubt noticed a surge in employee productivity levels today. That’s because the Minecraft website is down. Another anomaly sweeping...

Virginia Redistricting: GOP Strategy or Subtle Racism?

A nasty redistricting fight has surfaced in the Commonwealth of Virginia, just ahead of a contentious 2012 fight for Congress and the White House. At...

Detroit’s Financial Turf War With Michigan

City and state government officials are gearing up for a public fight about how to rescue cash-strapped Detroit from a financial meltdown. The Motor City’s...

DC Mayor’s Musical Chairs

One thing you can never knock Washington, D.C.’s local government for is their ability to embrace sudden staff changes. Shortly before Thanksgiving, Mayor Vincent Gray announced...

East Cleveland Fate Hinges on Red Light Camera Vote

Voters might put a stop to red light cameras in the Ohio suburb. But, they might also put city workers at risk who rely on the revenue for their salaries

Democrats Press GOP on Jobs Action … Or Else

It's a matter of whether or not the President's party can develop the spin needed to campaign tough on the economy.

Buckeye and Keystone Sour on Obama

Two of the last places where President Obama wants to find himself facing reelection trouble: Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Why Capitol Hill Sucks as a Workplace, Too

Congress has developed a solid reputation as a group that does not work well together for legislative purposes. But, its latest internal report shows that some outstanding issues lie within its employee base as well.

Black Power, Black Flight and B[l]ackwards Migration

Black Power may be defined as much by location and coalition-building than simply defining political reality based on color.