Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Walmart Wage Increase Likely to Start New Trend Toward Pay Equity

Better schedules, more training, and a wage increase up to $10.00 per hour - that's what Walmart workers can expect beginning on April 1. Last month,...

Post-High School Decision Could Cost You $550,000

With an economy in recovery and a job market harder to enter than Fort Knox, many are questioning the true value of college these...

That Thing Called Recession – It’s Still Kicking

Not surprisingly, the standard of living has dropped dramatically. What's behind the numbers?

Is Obama Really Doing Enuf On Black Jobs?

While hopeful, you're more on your own than you'd like to be

When the Economy is Running at Less than Warp Speed

Imagine Mr. Scott telling Captain Kirk that he can only give Kirk 78% of engine output with a bunch of Romulans baring down on...

Black Unemployment on the Rise as More People Enter the Job...

Unlike their white counterparts who saw their unemployment rate decrease to 8.0% in August from 8.1% in July, African Americans saw their unemployment rate increase to 16.7% in August from 15.9% in July.

Alan B. Krueger Nominated to President’s Council of Economic Advisers

President Barack Obama is busy beefing up his economic team amid some recent high-profile departures. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, economist Alan B....

Atty. General Eric Holder Praises Youth Violence Prevention Plans

This week in Washington, D.C., leaders from six cities met to discuss their plans to curb the epidemic facing each of their communities.

NUL: Unemployment Due to Insufficient Consumption Demand

National Urban League economist Dr. Valerie Rawlston recently provided insight on the impact of public policy on the state of the Black economy.