Saturday, March 24, 2018
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I Thought the FCC Liked it by the Numbers

I admit, while I respected their passion for consumers and telecommunications, I didn't agree much with former Federal Communications Commissioners Michael J. Copps and...

The Beginning of Joe Arpaio’s End?

Arpaio, who will turn 80 next month, could be at the end of his reign of racial profiling terror

Nikki Haley’s “Sell Out” Moment

Nikki Haley gets an uncomfortable reminder about her skin color

Virginia Redistricting: GOP Strategy or Subtle Racism?

A nasty redistricting fight has surfaced in the Commonwealth of Virginia, just ahead of a contentious 2012 fight for Congress and the White House. At...

Detroit’s Financial Turf War With Michigan

City and state government officials are gearing up for a public fight about how to rescue cash-strapped Detroit from a financial meltdown. The Motor City’s...

DOJ Faces Off With Alabama In Court Over Heated Immigration Law

If it takes effect on September 1, Alabama will take the lead as having one of the nation’s toughest laws in the country against illegal immigrants. DOJ officials are suing the state to prevent this from happening.

Justice Department Declines Request to Reopen Investigation of Malcolm X Assassination

The Justice Department has declined a request from Alvin Sykes, an advocate for justice in civil-rights era cold cases, to renew the investigation into...

AT&T Should Avoid Divesting Assets in the Southeast

African American consumers would be best served by a divestiture that does not result in AT&T having to give up licenses in the southeast

Atty. General Eric Holder Praises Youth Violence Prevention Plans

This week in Washington, D.C., leaders from six cities met to discuss their plans to curb the epidemic facing each of their communities.

Community Safety and Security Grant in S. California Announced By Rep....

Rep. Laura Richardson earlier this month announced that the Carson Public Safety Department was awarded a grant of just over $72,000.