Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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New Year Brings Black Leadership For Government Printing Office

Inaction in Congress is doing more than angering constituents across the nation. The lawmaking body’s lack of action has caused the dismissal of dedicated...

Detroit’s Financial Turf War With Michigan

City and state government officials are gearing up for a public fight about how to rescue cash-strapped Detroit from a financial meltdown. The Motor City’s...

Federal Health Insurance Mandate Enforced by Court of Appeals

The Obama administration and Democratic lawmakers supporting last year’s successful health-care reform law has earned a victory in one of the nation’s circuit courts. The...

Florida Policymakers Call Foul on Fair Districts Push

Every 10 years, following the release of the newest Census data, the redistricting issue resurfaces and predictably manages to get policymakers in a tizzy.

Facebook, Twitter, and the Tyranny of the Minority

The important lesson out of Egypt is that today’s broadband technology has provided minorities with another means of distributing their messages.

Virginia Black Caucus Kicks It as Lawmakers Convene in Richmond

Since picking its chair for the new legislative session, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus has become increasingly vocal in a tense political environment.