Monday, February 19, 2018
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NAACP: Death Penalty a Cost Issue

The NAACP is urging the Maryland legislature to abolish the death penalty. The organization’s action comes on the heels of efforts to stop the execution of Troy...

Florida Lawmaker Proposes Firing Squads for Death Row Inmates

Less than a month after the Troy Davis execution which called the death penalty into question, one Florida lawmaker wants to bring back firing squads.

Latino .orgs Were Oddly Mum on Troy Davis

What happened to Latino advocacy groups when Troy Davis was being executed? They may want to rethink their silence on death penalty issues.

Huffpost Slaps Back: Obama Didn’t Try to Save Troy Davis

Obama was pressed on the Davis issue, he told the group that his hands were tied.

Did Twitter Block the #TroyDavis and #TooMuchDoubt Hashtags?

With Troy Davis’ life hanging in the balance Wednesday night, people around the world took to social media, and Facebook and Twitter timelines were...

Troy Davis — Words and Reactions

The nation and the world reacted strongly to Georgia's execution of Troy Davis. Here is some of what is being said. Troy Davis, hours before...

Troy Davis — Will Miscarriage of Justice Force America to Change?

Upon learning that the Georgia clemency board for the second time in four years rejected a plea to commute the death sentence of Troy...

Troy Davis Decision: Civil Rights Groups ‘Appalled and Outraged’

Civil rights organizations strongly condemned today’s decision by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to deny clemency to Troy Davis and move forward...

Parole Board Denies Clemency for Troy Davis

The state Board of Pardons and Paroles on Tuesday denied clemency for Troy Anthony Davis after hearing pleas for mercy from Davis' family and calls for his execution by surviving relatives of a murdered Savannah police officer.

Troy Davis — No Decision Monday by Georgia Parole Board

The five-member Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles released no decision Monday after an all-day meeting on whether to grant clemency to Troy Davis,...