Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Tina Turner is Back with a Autobiography and Musical

I, Tina. In late December, Atria Books announced they will publish Tina Turner's autobiography. The book will be called Tina Turner: My Love Story. The book...

NBA Finals: Confessions of a Militant Sports Fan

I want LeBron to stick it to all of those racist, entitled Cleveland knuckleheads who burned his jersey

The Lone Star State’s Latina Congresswoman Deficit

Despite Latino population gains, Texas has never had a Latina representing it in Congress

The March on Gun Shops Double Standard

Black leaders are applying double standards and inconsistent methodologies to our issues

Clyburn to POLITIC365: “They’re Going to Be Hard Fought Races”

Politic365 talks with Rep. James Clyburn about a heated primary in South Carolina