Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Rep. Alan Williams: Tis the Season to Fight for the Middle...

As the holiday season kicks off into full gear, Americans will get together with their families, friends and neighbors to celebrate many things. And while...

House Moving Closer to Vote on Extending Tax Cuts

The House Committee on the Rules today will consider rules for debate on H.R. 8, the Jobs Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012....

Business Roundtable Meets with Obama, Congress the Problem

Gridlock standing in the way of success

GOP Debate Highlights for the Kids

Exciting takeaway from the debate: it looked like a dress rehearsal for Mitt Romney's nomination. Otherwise, it was a colossal, incoherent failure.

GOP: Geographically Optimized Partisanship

Where Members of Congress hail might say a great bit about how they would vote or what stand they would take. A quick examination of the 60 official Members of the Tea Party Congress clears that up: most on that list proudly buck from very rural and exurban states

The Debt-Ceiling Deal …Messy, Messy

Attempts at compromise and wrapping-it-up were met with eager dysfunction as House Republicans rejected tax increases as a condition of revenue generation for the painful cuts put on the table and Democrats were fuming.

For Good Economy, There’s Nothing Like a Man In Uniform in...

Since the Employment Act of 1946 began shifting more actual responsibility for managing the economy from the Congress to the president, 12 men have...

On 10th Anniversary, Economists Say Bush Tax Cuts Damaged Economy

Bush’s sweeping tax legislation, The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, widened the income inequality gap and failed to create the economic growth it promised, critics say.

Is it Time for African Americans to Follow Obama to the...

President Obama’s attempts to reach a bipartisan consensus on key issues signaled his shift toward the "middle" or "center" of a very partisan political landscape.

Tax Deal Approved by House, Headed to Obama’s Desk

As the lame-duck session of the 111th Congress draws to a close, the U.S. House of Representatives last night passed President Obama's tax compromise by a 277-178 margin.