Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Ready for Hillary Seeks to Galvanize Black Support

She may be the democratic front-runner in 2016 presidential politics, but Hillary Clinton has yet to officially declare her intention to again pursue the...

Jeremiah Wright and Republican Hit Squads

The juicy revelations of a GOP hit squad reveal how little respect the right has for this President and their nominee

Nothing New About A Good Old Anti-China Ad

Pete Hoekstra is not the only one to run an anti-China ad

Hoekstra Ad Reveals Crack in “Racial Code”

Pete Hoekstra's Super Bowl campaign ad steps over the racial yard line

Catholics, Contraceptives and Rubio’s Latino Contradiction

Marco Rubio's stance on contraceptives puts him at odds with Latinos

Roland Martin is not GLAAD

There are two things that I know for sure: I am not happy and Roland Martin is not GLAAD

Black Man on Fire: Allen West Wants His Job

There could be a Romney vs. West showdown at this weekend's CPAC

Mitt’s Really Big CPAC Problem

Mitt Romney probably wants to pass on CPAC, but he really can't.

Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri: Everybody Hates Mitt

Mitt has money, delegates and the establishment. But, he's got no fans.

LIVE365: Nichelle Stephens on Food Safety

Nichelle Stephens, blogger, cupcake enthusiast, editor, event producer and social media strategist, talks about the Food Safety Modernization Act 1-year later on Urban News Makers. ...