Monday, March 19, 2018
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Does White America Want Black Celebrities to be Seen and Not...

The White masses can’t seem to handle it when Black celebrities don’t do specifically and exclusively what they get paid to do. Marshawn Lynch has...

Nearly four years after signing SB 1070, Brewer vetoes anti-gay bill,...

Yesterday Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have allowed businesses in her state to refuse service to anyone based on grounds...

When the TV Goes Black

How a dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable Affects You Millions of subscribers are going without news programming and favorite shows like Under the Dome or...

Beyonce Shares New Blue Ivy Photo with Thanksgiving Greetings

Beyonce took to her tumblr page to wish her fans a Happy Thanksgiving and to share a new photo of her daughter, Blue Ivy...

Comcast’s Internet Essentials Excels Into Second Year

The program has connected more than 400,000 Americans to the Internet.

Hoekstra Ad Reveals Crack in “Racial Code”

Pete Hoekstra's Super Bowl campaign ad steps over the racial yard line

A Return to the Era of Good Feelings

a plea for civility from HipHopRepublican's Trae Lewis

Love and Hate Between the Super Bowl and Black Folks

Top 6 Most Important Super Bowls in Black History Month

10 Examples Where Wealth is a Political Liability

Beware: you could lose votes when your money shows

Joint Center Rallies Behind President’s SOTU Address

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is hosting its own watch party and roundtable discussion directly following the President's speech.