Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The 7 Deadly Words in Politics

Seven words you can't utter anymore in politics - unless you want to lose.

Broadband Drives Innovation in Content and Creates Jobs, Panel Says

Broadband Internet access is fueling economic growth, transforming industries and making remarkable changes in the lives of Americans, said technology experts and entrepreneurs in...

Obama Proclaims National Health Information Technology Week

President Barack Obama has proclaimed this week — September 11 to September 17 — as National Health Information Technology Week. In his proclamation, the president...

Obama Faces Challenge of Crafting New Pitch As Tough Election Looms

As President Barack Obama prepares for reelection, the question within political circles is what campaign message can overcome the dreary jobs picture? There is no...

As Job Growth Slows, Political Rhetoric Heats Up

The latest figures on job growth have triggered a war of words over which policies can best get Americans back to work and over...

Are Americans Ready for Broadband Deployment?

The United States Department of Agriculture recently reported on the status of stimulus spending, including spending done to deploy broadband services to rural America.

Broadband Expansion Efforts Persist Nationwide

Yesterday, Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack announced an additional $518 million in new broadband grants.

President Rocks GOP in Solo White House Press Conference

President Barack Obama held a live press conference in the White House this morning.

Federal Grants Support Students in Health Care Studies

The federal government has taken aim at increasing the diversity in the nursing profession.  To start, they are pumping resources into the classrooms that...

The Declining Black Middle Class in Economic Recovery

The economic downturn has made many Americans rethink their current class status.  According to recent study by ABC News, 45 percent of...