Friday, April 20, 2018
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College Dropout Rate Called National Crisis in New Report

A new report on the college dropout rate featured depressing statistics: — 46% of those who enter a U.S. college fail to graduate within six years —...

Memo To Supreme Court: Let the Feds Fix Immigration

A patchwork of state-passed immigration laws does nothing to fix the broken process of legal immigration

Mississippi’s Black Leadership Absent on Voter ID

The long battle by the political right to place a burden on the voting rights of Blacks in Mississippi passed by a significant margin as a ballot initiative in the November 8, 2011 statewide elections. It is such a shame that bigotry prevails when men of good will do nothing!

Businesses Flipping Bill for State Unemployment Debt

by Pamela M. Prah, Stateline Employers in 20 states will have to shell out more in taxes next year as a penalty for the states...

Hustling for a Senate Seat

It’s not simply a matter of money can buy you power, which is certainly the case when parsing through the numbers. But, it also says something about the business of politics and the direction the industry has been headed for some time. How much do the consultants, designers, pollsters and experts cost? Surely, that raising the premiums on both primaries and general elections. And, despite the dreadful economic climate, how are candidates raising these obscene sums?