Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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SC State Legislator Creates Model for Lasting Community Revitalization

South Carolina State Representative Harold Mitchell, D-Spartanburg, who's made headlines recently for his efforts to modify his state's 'Stand Your Ground Law', is more...

Florida GOP Moves to Block Details of Stand Your Ground Cases

Owned by the NRA? Well it looks as if the Tampa Bay Times' review of 200 cases Stand Your Ground Cases has hit home.  ...

Rev. R.B. Holmes: Standing Ground Against Bad Policy and Moving Black...

Speaking before a standing room only crowd at the National Press Club, the Rev. Dr. R.B. Holmes announced the formation of a 40 member...

60 Years for Shooting Drywall? Angela Corey Switches Marissa Alexander’s Punishment

Wasn't Alexander Just Serving 20 Years Concurrently for the Same Charges? In a case where no one was shot or injured, Florida prosecutor Angela...

Marissa Alexander released this holiday weekend

Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman who has been serving a 20 year sentence for firing what she described as a warning shot at her...

Sharpton’s Father’s Day “Stop and Frisk” March

Al Sharpton starts a new movement on "Stop and Frisk." New target: Mayor Bloomberg

Zimmerman’s Racist Rants = Jail Time

Recently discovered social media rants by George Zimmerman should influence a jury's decision

When Black Women Get Hit, No One Cares

The case of Marissa Alexander is not just about Stand Your Ground laws in Florida.

Marissa Alexander and the Stand Your Ground Double Standard

A legal expert's take on why the Florida law applies more to Marissa Alexander than it does to George Zimmerman

Stand Your Ground: Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Conservatives find a chance to redeem themselves in the Marissa Alexander case