Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Race, Sex, and Necrophilia in Joliet, Illinois

On Chris Rock’s first comedy album Born Suspect he did a great bit about knowing the difference between “Black Crime” and “White Crime.” “Black people...

Fischer Says Stop Immigrants From the South, Bring In More Europeans

Bryan Fischer has been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS News, and the New York Times. But if you don’t recognize the name, don’t worry. You’re...

Time is Running Out for the Trust Act in California

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) has less than two weeks to sign Assembly Bill 1081 into law or veto it.  The controversial bill also...

Memo to Mr. Romney: Latinos Are Voters, Too

An open letter - and warning - to the presumptive GOP nominee about what Latino voters are weighing in their final choice

What Mitt Romney Could Learn From His Mexican Family

Mitt's Mexican fam should influence his views on immigration

Samuel Jackson Says Some Ish We Already Knew

How Sam Jackson didn't tell us anything we don't know

Oh Yeah – Don’t Forget About those Mexican Elections

Mexico picked its first female nominee. That's a big deal.

Culture Wars or Civil Wars?

2012: the year of anger and authenticity

Romney’s Glass Ceiling vs. Santorum’s Glass Slipper

A choice between flat and flavor of the month

CPAC: Grammys of Hate Speech

Pushing out anti-Hispanic speakers is bad Hispanic outreach