Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Where You Live Can Make You Poor

A child born poor in the South has a much better chance of dying a poor adult than a child born in New England

Mississippi’s Black Leadership Absent on Voter ID

The long battle by the political right to place a burden on the voting rights of Blacks in Mississippi passed by a significant margin as a ballot initiative in the November 8, 2011 statewide elections. It is such a shame that bigotry prevails when men of good will do nothing!

NASCAR Dads Hate Michelle Obama

Okay, I know this is going to dominate the news cycle for at least a day.  So, let me point out a few facts...

Atlanta Mayor Tries to Pull Federal Dollars South

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has made visiting Washington an important part of serving his constituents. The mayor seeks funds from President Barack Obama’s $450 billion...

Poverty up for Blacks, Latinos, Southerners

The nation is slowly becoming a welfare state as new Census Bureau date show the highest rate of Americans living below the poverty line...

GOP: Geographically Optimized Partisanship

Where Members of Congress hail might say a great bit about how they would vote or what stand they would take. A quick examination of the 60 official Members of the Tea Party Congress clears that up: most on that list proudly buck from very rural and exurban states

North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Photo ID to Vote

Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina on Thursday vetoed a Republican measure that required voters to present a photo ID before gaining access to the ballot.

Black Migration to Suburbs Raises Redistricting Concerns

New census figures reveal that a significant number of African-Americans in the last decade moved from clustered inner cities to nearby predominantly white suburbs. According...

Can Democrats Come Back in The South? In 2012, Maybe

It is a certainty in Congressional Campaigns in the south is that there are not many Democratic candidates with a sure shot at winning. Obama is on the ticket next year and Democratic turnout will be high, even in Southern states.

Freedom Rider’s 21st Century Boycott

A reunion of Civil Rights soldiers took place recently in Chicago to remember the unparalleled activism that led to outlawing segregation in public accommodations.