Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Why Does Donald Trump Need Paul Ryan?

He's anti-establishment. He's without precedent. He's self funded. He's Donald Trump. And just like he didn't need Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb...

Sarah Palin asks President Obama to stop playing “race card” on...

Always one to insert herself into the political conversation, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin opined about President Obama via her Facebook page on Monday,...


When you start talking about race and the Republican Party, Republicans tend to say the following things. First, they tell you that most Republicans are not bigots (true) and that Democrats can be bigots, too (also true).

50 Days Left: Yemen, Lehman, Libya: How a Lucky Barack Obama...

Political analysts love to find ‘critical moments’ in political campaigns where ‘everything changed.’ In 1992, it was when George H.W. Bush looked at his...

Turning Promise Into Reality From the Palm of Our Hands

“Wireless technology and the ability to access the mobile Internet from my Smartphone changed the course of my life.” By Chance Craig, undergraduate student at...

Who Has Said Stupider Things: Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin?

It's all good: Your Twitter gaffe can't be as bad as some things we've heard Republican nominees say

Can Mitt Romney Save Saturday Night Live?

Or, really, can the legendary comedy crew save Mitt Romney from disaster at the polls in November?

Romney’s Angels vs. GOP’s Augusta National

Mitt needs some strong, powerful women on his ticket. He needs: Romney’s Angels.

A Race to Watch: Ilya’s Illinois Run

"I'm not in this to make small changes," says Ilya Sheyman

Kony Playstation and Game Changing

The TOP 365 takes a look at Game Change, an irascible Bibi and high gas prices