Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Ron Paul Should Be Schooling Republicans

After 2012, Republicans could pick up some important lessons from the old man - if only they would listen to him

Romney’s Problem With Ledbetter … and the Ladies

Equal pay laws have the power to galvanize women of color. But, Mitt Romney wouldn't know about that.

Five Big Questions After Santorum’s Suspension (Yawn …)

Does that mean Republicans will stop blasting Black people? Not exactly.

Are Voters Masters of Hate … or Love?

Every politician becomes a little "Etch A Sketchy" when appealing to their base. And voters have the power to stop it.

Puerto Ricans on Fire: Long Term Damage for Republicans

In the post-primary analysis, GOP candidates make fatal mistakes in Puerto Rican outreach

A Puerto Rico Primary Worth Looking Into

An 83% win for Mitt Romney doesn't mean he is "the Latino candidate"

The Bachelor Fairytale vs. America’s Racial Reality

People of color watch TV just as much as White people do. So what's up with popular dating shows?

We’re Not Talking About Uganda – It’s Right Here in Florida

Politic365's Jeneba Ghatt hosts Right of Black to discuss Trayvon Martin and the primaries

4 Choices For America and the RNC

What makes your skin crawl the most - cars for criminals, Trayvon Martin, DNA databanks or "Obamacare?"

Barbara Carrasco’s How to Win Over Latino Voters 101

The El Paso Republican talks about the challenges of running in a sea of Democrats