Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Kaepernick Protest: NAACP Wants NFL Meeting

Today, a coalition of civil rights, faith-based and civic organizations will rally in front of NFL headquarters in New York City in support of...

Saints Bounty Only Proves Players Lost NFL Lockout

The recent NFL "Bounty Scandal" just shows that players got nothing out of the lockout

How Jacksonville Exposed the NFL’s Lockout Sham

Do you remember the NFL lockout? Of course you do, it was all the rage in the news during the dead part of the...

NFL Stings Players – Even During Lockout

We all know about the “personal conduct” policy that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell put in place since the 2006 collective bargaining agreement.  In case...

Will NFL Season Start on Time? Negotiations Show Signs of Progress

The NFL lockout may soon be over, just in time for free agency to begin, rookies to be signed, and training camp to be...

NFL Lockout has Economic Effects Far Beyond Players and Owners

As we wait for the courts to rule for either the players or the owners, the NFL lockout goes deeper and deeper into the summer without a resolution and many others are being affected by the work stoppage.

NFL Agent Notebook Pt. 2- We’re Headed West!

With an uncertain labor future, my guys are doing all they can to remain in shape. It’s important that the guys stay in shape because a ruling can come any day and Joe could be heading to offseason workouts and Roc and Ryan could be attending rookie mini-camps. Both will have a chance to make a big impact on their new teams- if we have a season. Stay tuned.