Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Changes to FCC’s Media Ownership Rules Costly to Consumers?

With the filing deadline rapidly approaching to submit reply comments in the Federal Communications Commission's Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding, another major media issue looms...

Would A Comcast, Time Warner Cable Merger Benefit Minorities?

One day before Valentine’s Day, Comcast Corporation – the largest cable provider in the country and owner of NBCUniversal – announced its plan to merge with Time Warner Cable, the fourth largest paid television service in the nation behind Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV.

When the TV Goes Black

How a dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable Affects You Millions of subscribers are going without news programming and favorite shows like Under the Dome or...

Retransmission Consent: Do You Know What It Is?

It's the most important consumer issue you've never heard of

Let the 2011 Fall TV Season and Football Games Begin …...

With the new fall TV lineup and football season right around the corner, consumers may be getting worried that the never-ending retransmission consent wars...

Rush Issues New Call to Action for Minority Media Ownership, Inclusion

Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) delivered a fiery and impassioned speech during a Capitol Hill policy forum hosted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

New York Cablevision Residents Get Fox Signals Restored

After two weeks without access to FOX television stations, Cablevision customers in New York finally got their programming back.

TV War Rages On, Fox Cuts Cable Access to Online Programming

Unable to reach a retransmission consent agreement, Newscorp, FOX's parent company, pulled the plug on Cablevision customers awaiting access to programming.

Retransmission Consent a Pressing Issue for Minority Broadcasters

CBS Corporation has joined the ranks of broadcast networks seeking higher retransmission consent fees from cable operators.

Pay to Play, or Somebody’s Going to Lose

The issue of retransmission consent seems to be brewing once again in Washington.