Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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A National Incompetence Spills Over

Ultimately, the saddest aspect of the political exchange is what we lose as a nation. The bungled response effort has more to do with our collective inability to tackle major problems. The tone of the debate taking place now, as the oil spreads, actually admits to a national incompetence.

Republicans Backing Away from Rand Paul?

Numerous reports note that Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul doesn't have a flood of Republicans publicly rushing to defend him regarding recent comments he...

Fighting the Unseen

While we look for tea party leaves on the federal scale, we may be missing an accumulated state and local assault that could be more elusive than our November predictions. And maybe that's the point. As Sun Tzu wrote: "Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean." We shouldn't underestimate it.

Rage Against the Machine

Political hacks, cats and assorted lords of the polemic chattering class wished hard for an intense electoral drama worthy of an HBO movie plot and were all too pleased. “Mini Super Tuesday,” unveiled by observers like the latest craze at a car show, did not disappoint with its brimful of full throttle primary rage and potent predictions well into November.

Crude Politics

Investors, Wall Street analysts and that class of individual living in the bubble of market-forces-know-best appear befuddled by the lack of rising gas prices in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. We can assume they’re itching for a reason to get us paying over $4 per gallon this summer.

The Unemployment Numbers Game

Who maintains or grabs power in November will be greatly dependent on where these numbers sway and how they sway by region. In the long term, it will also give us a clearer picture of where the country is red or blue - pipe dreams of purple states is so 2008.

The Real El Chupa Nibre

The obvious angle to Arizona’s freshly baked Senate Bill 1070 is the racial subtext.  Folks are eager to spin the race card - understandably...

Outreach Over Health Care Reform Continues

President Obama's willingness to reach out "across the aisle" has been a recurring theme throughout the first year of his presidency and shows no...