Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Three Reasons The Fray of Primaries Matter

There are a few, but very critical reasons why you need to watch those primary colors - and vote for them, as well.

Why Mitt Romney’s Etch a Sketch Makes Him Stronger

The former moderate, centrist Governor of a blue state is itching to get his real game on

Can Jeb Bush Save Romney from Himself?

And can the former Florida Governor save the GOP on immigration?

5 Things You Need to Know About Super Tuesday

And other stuff Latinos should pay attention to

Arizona #CNNDebate: No Good, Lots Bad and Much Ugly

Continued disappointment with Mitt means a flipped Republican script

Facebook IPO: Will You Still “Like” It?

Facebook is going IPO. What's that mean for subscribers?

Kasim Reed’s Hard Line on ATL Transit

Mayor Reed has ATL’s transit woes heavy on his mind

Nikki Haley’s “Sell Out” Moment

Nikki Haley gets an uncomfortable reminder about her skin color

In Politics, Latinos Leave Black America Behind

Compared to Latinos, the Black vote is a step child

National Urban League Panel Mulls Black Population Shifts

A National Urban League panel on the 2010 Census