Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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When Black Politics Gets Metta World Peaced

You can talk about gay marriage, abortions and contraceptives. But, talk about race, and you'll get an elbow in the face

Conservatives, Zimmerman and The Trayvon Race Gap

Conservatives conveniently use hatred of the Black left to avoid an honest conversation on racism

An Inconvenient Truth for a Post-Racial President

It is both a little late and a littleĀ condescendingĀ for President Obama to claim accomplishments in aiding Black America after spending the past few years...

A Reply to Herman Cain, Conservatism and the Black Vote

No one really digs into why the conservative-leaning Black voter continues to line up staunching behind liberally-tilted Democrats without a glance towards the GOP....

Department of Education Statistics Show Racial Disparities in Schools

In a revealing report from the U.S. Department of Education, statistics on education disparities bring into sharp focus some of the reasons why minority...