Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Walmart Wage Increase Likely to Start New Trend Toward Pay Equity

Better schedules, more training, and a wage increase up to $10.00 per hour - that's what Walmart workers can expect beginning on April 1. Last month,...

Food stamp cuts in effect Nov. 1

On Friday, food stamp recipients started to receive less money because a temporary increase in benefits from the 2009 stimulus expired. A family of...

In the Struggle Against Gentrification in Downtown Los Angeles, LAPD Targets...

The struggle over housing access and against gentrification in downtown Los Angeles has been waged for a number of years with grassroots organizations made...

Race and the tech industry’s immigration reform motives

By Dustin Mendus Comprehensive immigration reform was one of the goals of the Obama administration during the campaign, but the tech world is also strongly...

The Rich Get Richer, But the Poor Waste Time Online

The "digital divide," at one time, was the problem. Now that's it's closed, is too much digital holding low income kids back?

Where You Live Can Make You Poor

A child born poor in the South has a much better chance of dying a poor adult than a child born in New England

The Failure of Adults and the Forgotten Poor

We're failing to demand more attention and resources for the neediest among us.

Roland Martin is not GLAAD

There are two things that I know for sure: I am not happy and Roland Martin is not GLAAD

Black Man on Fire: Allen West Wants His Job

There could be a Romney vs. West showdown at this weekend's CPAC

Mitt’s Really Big CPAC Problem

Mitt Romney probably wants to pass on CPAC, but he really can't.