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NOBEL Women are Architects of Innovation

The National Organization of Black Elected Legislative (NOBEL) Women held their Annual Legislative Conference “Architects of Innovation” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this year, June 23-26 2011.

Assigning New Priorities: Education vs. Incarceration

During America’s economic downturn, the financial challenges give us the opportunity to reform the criminal justice system and do some much-needed rehabilitation. And the logical option for initiating this reform? Education.

Bush Book Gins Sympathy, Understanding

The issues America experiences today are dilemmas left over from difficult decisions during Bush’s watch; now he has the chance to explain his side of the story.

Black Republicans Vying for Key Constituents

This election season finds a surge of Black Republicans emerging in key Congressional districts and nationwide.

CBC Political Action Committee: States Should follow Suit

The CBC provides a prime template for increasing the number of African Americans, and those supporting the interests of minority communities, in state legislatures.

Insurgent Republicans and Their Government Shutdowns

The latest bizarre love affair between some Republicans and Tea Party conservatives is with the idea of a wholesale government shutdown, something we haven’t seen or heard since 1995.

State GOP Operations Have Little Confidence in RNC

Most polls and pre-November political observers agree that Republicans are geared to make significant gains during the upcoming Congressional midterms.

Grim Signs for Democrats in OH and PA

Distressing signals for Democrats keep streaming in as key polls in two major electoral bellwether states show the prospect of major gains for Republicans in November.

Christina Romer’s Departure: Not Getting It

What throws egg on the face of this particular departure is the timing and environment. With unemployment stuck at 9.5% - not even mentioning that additional 10% that’s either underemployed or totally off the rolls – White House officials are placed in a niggling dilemma of stretched truths and magnificent spin, working that balancing act between keeping it real … but, not keeping it too real for fear of making markets and Main Street nervous. Hence, it’s not your everyday I’m-just-burned-out-ready-to-go resignation cooking on the political grill like everyone else in D.C. There’s too much happening, too much distressing data dropped a bit too conveniently for seasoned observers to casually assume a coincidence.