Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Hillary Clinton proposes “New College Compact” to tackle college affordability

Yesterday Hillary Clinton unveiled a $350 billion plan to address college affordability. The plan addresses the cost of college at four year public institutions, makes...

On Education: Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney

President Obama has instituted Race to the Top. This series of reforms allows states to submit to the Department of Education a series of...

New Obama Spanish Language Ads Hit Romney on Higher Education

With Latinos being the largest minority group in college and over 90% of Latino parents indicating that it is extremely or quite important to...

76% Say It’s Jobs But Millennials Are By No Means Provincial

By Melissa Bynes Brooks Millennial voters are at a crossroads laden with a series of economic, social, and cultural issues to consider as they contemplate...

NALEO: Obama Reaffirms Pledge to Stop DREAM Deportations

Today President Obama delivered his address to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. This speech comes a day after Governor Romney addressed the...

Oprah, Reagan and Mitt Romney’s Views on Education

Asked nearly half a dozen times whether or not he would overturn President Obama’s decision to stop deporting undocumented youth, affording them the opportunity...

Republicans: The Suge Knights of Pell Grants

Cutting off summer time Pell Grants smacks of old fashioned elitism and class-based strong arming

Villaraigosa’s Tap Dance Alignment With Obama

Politic365's spin-filled interview with the Mayor of Los Angeles and Democratic National Convention chair.

Gutierrez on Anti-Immigrant March Madness

The Chicago Congressman lashes out at anti-Latino rhetoric seeping into college sports

Top 4 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Breaks Blacks and Latinos

While Ryan's Budget may not see much light of day, it will be a great rally cry for conservatives in 2012