Monday, February 19, 2018
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Moratorium on fracking fails in California legislature, despite public opposition

On Wednesday, a bill to set a moratorium on fracking (an oil drilling technique that involves injecting water with chemicals into the ground) failed...

State Dept releases report on Keystone XL pipeline project

Today the State Department released an environmental impact report on the Keystone XL pipeline project that shows the pipeline from the Canadian border to...

New Career Path for Latinos: Nuclear Energy

Latinos will dominate the U.S. labor force of the future, but the time to decide what type of workers they want to be is...

Is the Obama Administration Really Creating an Oil Export Economy?

Last Tuesday, the International Energy Agency published its annual World Energy Outlook and in it shared some good news for proponents of American energy...

#VoiceYourVote: Day One, Florida 2012

I’ve been in Florida for 24 hours, but I’ve already seen ads galore. Incumbent Senator, Florida Democrat, Bill Nelson, leads 14th District Congressional District Representative, Connie Mack by...

Forget #KONY2012: U.S. Eyes “Nigerian Taliban”

Congress and the Obama Administration are launching a quiet war against Boko Haram. Why?

Is it the Gas Prices … Stupid??

Obama is probably the first president to admit he can't control gas prices. But, will that matter?

Can President Obama Lower Prices at the Pump?

Americans have seen a 98% increase in gas prices over three years.

The Political Gas Face in Gas Prices

Who will end up with gas in the face come November?

HOVENSA Closes Oil Refinery Operations in the Virgin Islands

HOVENSA, one of the world’s largest oil refinery operations, recently announced that it was closing its oil refinery on the island of St. Croix...